Gluten-Free Grass Fed Coffee

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Coffee!  Of course, it's gluten free.  However, sometimes people ask, so I wanted to throw it out there! :)

I love me some coffee!  I've enjoyed coffee for many years, but it's become quite a treasure since becoming a parent (can I get an AMEN?!?!!)!

What's in Grass Fed Coffee
Recently I had the opportunity to try Grass Fed Coffee.  I'm a huge fan of grass fed beef, so I was intrigued to see what this product had to offer.  Here's the key ingredients:

  • organic, fair trade cold brew coffee
  • German grass fed butter
  • distilled MCT coconut oil
  • organic chicory
I've made butter coffee before and I love grabbing a Starbucks double shot when I'm out driving for awhile, so I wondered if this would be a mix of the two.  Whenever I tried butter in coffee I always also added cream because it just wasn't quite what I was looking for.  The creaminess was lacking.  I've heard I should have blended it with coconut oil and then it would have been better.  Maybe next time.  In the meantime, I had Grass Fed Coffee to try.

Man you guys, this coffee did not disappoint.  It was so smooth and light without tasting weak.  I am NOT a fan of bitter coffee, nor am I a fan of weak coffee and this was neither.  Goodness, I never realized I was a coffee snob, til writing this post! Ha!  Anywho, this stuff was awesome!  Seriously so tasty.  It was like a double shot but better.  More smooth, less sweet.  It's sweetened with xylitol so there's just a slight hint of sweetness, which I like.  I would say if you like the fru-fru super sweet frapps, this may not be your thing.  However, the taste is so smooth you might be surprised.

Grass Fed Coffee

The can says to shake it well, and I thought I did until I opened it and began to drink!  I should have shook it vigorously, and then shook it again!  After my first drink I noticed there was butter on the sides of the can.  Shoot!  And I wasn't home I waited until I drove home to finish the drink.  Once home I used a straw to scrape down the sides of the can and finish the rest.  Tasty tasty!  Like one of those drinks where you have to remind yourself it has caffeine so you don't just guzzle it all day like water.

Overall I'd say this product is going to be a HUGE hit!  I sure can't wait to get some more.  I felt a little selfish drinking it while my husband was at work, so I better buy some for him to try too! :)

How you can help/join the craze...

Right now they're at the tail end of their kickstarter campaign, so if you'd like to help support them and preorder some Grass Fed Coffee, you can click this link and join the party!  The kickstarter ends on Monday, so hurry over!!

*Also, one final note...I LOVE the transparency they have on their website.  Just take a peruse of their FAQ page and you'll be impressed to see how they address every single ingredient listed in their product.  I, myself, was a little disappointed to see carrageenan in the ingredients list as I've heard mixed things about it, but they address that.  I'd have to do more research, but they said the form of carrageenan they use is a safer alternative and the only way to keep the butter, oil and coffee all nice and mixed together.

Good luck Grass Fed Coffee!  We wish you all the success!

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