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(photo) Gluten free macrons from Ladurée - Paris, France

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Apr 17, 2015

Why Gluten Free Wasn't Enough For Me & Why I Now Eat Paleo!

Paleo, the new "fad" diet, like gluten free right?


Many of us started eating gluten free or Paleo because of how it made us feel. We were sick. We had undiagnosed illnesses/ailments and doctor after doctor said we were fine.  Some of us were diagnosed with Celiac. Others took the test and while it came back negative, eating gluten free has turned their world around.

I started my Paleo journey in March of 2013 after my daughter was born. I was sick my entire pregnancy and could barely get through my 3 1/2 hr working day (after being so sick from gluten and still sick as I recovered, we figured I'd be a sick pregnant woman so I went to part time teaching). Just to help you understand...I was throwing up the day I gave birth!

Anyways, I was in bad shape so my mom came and stayed with us to help make meals, grocery shop and care for the baby. She had started eating Paleo and was convinced that cutting out all grains would lead me to the road of recovery.  She was right! Cutting out gluten didn't cut it for me (hehe)! I needed a strict, clean diet to allow my body to fully heal and within a few months, even though I wasn't sleeping, I felt better than I had in years.

I was sold! I wanted to share with everyone.  I was the same way once I went gluten free because I was finally feeling better.  Only, this time around I felt well! Completely well! No stomach aches, no diarrhea, no dizziness, no headaches, nothing of what I was experiencing before. I was healthy! Woah!

It was such a cool feeling to pay attention to my body and say, "I feel well!"

So now, I eat mainly meats, veggies (no russet potatoes) and some fruit. I eat as much healthy fat as I want and I pay no attention to calories (now I know not everyone can do this, but most people I know who eat Paleo don't have to pay attention to calories). I also eat white rice and raw cheese and drink raw milk.

It's good stuff people.  My whole family eats this way and we feel WELL!

Have you tried Paleo?

Rachel aka Gfreegal

Nov 13, 2014

Foster Farms Gluten Free Corndogs - Are They Good?

So, right off the bat I must say that I don't follow instructions and why Foster Farms thinks you should microwave a corndog is beyond confusing. Why would you want a corndog out of the microwave? 

The directions said to put the corndogs in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.  Now I guess if you’re in a rush and want to cook this quickly, then 30-45 seconds may work, but for me, I want my corndogs toasted and crunchy! Not soggy.

I threw 3 in the toaster oven at work and set it to about 400ºF for about 15 minutes. The box said 350ºF for 18 minutes frozen or 10 minutes thawed. I turned it over a few times for an even cook.

So when the bell went off on the toaster oven, I made may way down the hall. I felt like I was walking into the fair when I smelled these things. They smelled amazing.
(DO NOT GRAB THE STICK WHEN IT'S BEEN IN THE TOASTER OVEN... I REPEAT... DO NOT GRAB THE STICK WHEN IT'S BEEN IN THE TOASTER OVEN!...) I'm not saying that I burnt my fingers... nope... that didn't happen... I just don't feel like using my thumb and index finger right now)
I grabbed some mustard, because, no corndog is complete without mustard.
I was actually excited to try these things with how they smelled. With my first bite I thought, ehhh it's a corndog, nothing too exciting. The breading around the hotdog was rather thick. I was expecting something thinner with how most gluten free items come. I think if these things were deep-fried, that the thick batter around the hotdog would've tasted better.

After eating the corndogs, I looked at my fingers and noticed they were rather gunky and oily. Now, this is what your hands should look like after eating a corndog so I wasn't disappointed. 

Overall I was rather impressed with the taste of the batter around the hotdog. It was nice eating a corndog knowing that I wasn't going to feel like a truck backed over me.

Your kiddos will absolutely love them, and the nice thing about them is that they are very filling. The 3 that I consumed filled me up for the rest of the day.

Serving Size: 1 corn dog 75g
Servings Per Container: Varied.
Amount Per Serving
Calories 180
Calories from Fat 80
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 9g14%
Saturated Fat 2.5g13%
Trans Fat 0
Cholesterol 45mg15%
Sodium 530mg22%
Total Carbs 20g7%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Sugars 6g
Protein 7g
Vitamin A 0%
Calcium 2%
Vitamin C 0%
Iron 6%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet.
Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs are dipped in honey crunchy batter that are ready to heat and serve. They are great for kids or for parties!
Available in packs of 6, 9, 16, 20 and 36


Contains soy, eggs


Conventional Oven:
  • Preheat oven to 350° F
  • Frozen heat for 18 minutes
  • Thawed heat for 10 minutes
* Caution: Product will be hot

Microwave: On high
  • Frozen heat for 48 seconds
  • Thawed heat for 30 seconds
  • For best results, flip corn dogs halfway through cooking
* Caution: Product will be hot

Deep Fried:
  • Cook at 350° – 375° F
  • Frozen heat for 9 minutes
  • Thawed heat for 3 minutes
* Caution: Product will be hot

Aug 31, 2014

Gfree-Dude goes cucumber with Avalon Organics body and shower gel

Before I met Rachel, I never cared about what I ate or put on my body. Everything I grabbed or gravitated towards was whatever smelled the best or looked cool. I never cared about what was in it.
Rachel has completely changed the way I think about the products I use because of the lasting affect it can have on my body.

Rachel asked me to use this body wash stuff from Avalon Organics. Now granted, the second I saw "cucumber" on it, my first thought was NO THANK YOU! No dude wants to reek of cucumber. We want to smell like a forest or like we just came out from a battle, where we were saving a princess from impending doom.
Now that aside, most guys won't admit to using products, but I guess I have to since I'm reviewing this product.

Now honestly there's not much of a scent to this body gel, which for me, is a good and bad thing. I'm weird when it comes to smells. I enjoy something that stays with you throughout the day, but not too overpowering.

Now if you enjoy having everyone stare at you thinking you've doused yourself in cologne, then this isn't the product for you. The scent is light and comfortable. You aren't walking around announcing to the world you just took a shower. You are carefully telling everyone that you are clean and proud of it.

Confession time, I use a loofah sponge. Ugghh... I feel so exposed. Anywho, the gel lathers up decently and you don't have to use a lot which is nice.

I just found out from their website that you can use it in the bath too. HAHA I guess that makes sense, since it says that on the bottle. But I'm a man, and men don't take baths. Unless there are candles and soft music, but other than that. Just showers!

When I first stepped out of the shower I felt weird. It was weird smelling cucumber on me. Like I said, it wasn't overpowering, but as a dude, it was just weird.

But, like most shower gels, it gets the job done.

I've been using the product for over 2 months now because I'm too lazy to try anything else. Would I get this stuff again? Probably not. Just because I'm not a cucumber fan. I would like to try their other scents to see if there's something I would enjoy using.

- Croz

Gluten Free Skin Care Products - Jason Skin Care

Am I the only one that fell in love with a new product line during Celiac Awareness Month back in May?!? I had the privilege of trying out both Avalon Organics hair and body washes and Jason skincare and hand soaps. While I was not a fan of Avalon Organics haircare (my insanely thick hair that my stylist comments on EVERY time I come in could have something to do with that), I fell in love with Jason's skincare. (Read my husband's review Avalon Organics here)


 Jason launched their new line of certified gluten free personal care products a few months ago and they are rockin'! I was initially going to write this post two weeks in to using the products, but I wanted to give a more accurate review. Then life with a teething, growing one year old got in the way and now it's August.

 BUT, I'm so glad I waited. And here's why. It's been almost four months and I am still using and loving these products! They're lasting forever!!

My two favorites are the face wash and face lotion.

My skin has never been more consistently clear as it's been since using these. Even through summertime heat and (tmi, gentlemen, sorry) my periods my skin had been clearer, which is saying something HUGE! I wash my face at night and then rise it off in the am before using the lotion. I've loved both! No greasy face throughout the day and clearer skin overall! Woohoo!!! I'm sold!

Now as far as the face scrub, I'm just not a big user of those, so I tried it out here and there but it's a bit abrasive for my sensitive skin. However, judging by their other products, I would imagine if you're a face scrub kind of person, you'd like this one.

So, there you have it, Jason skincare for the win! My skin has been clear, smooth, clean, and not irritated by any nasty, unknown ingredients.

And we've enjoyed the hand soap too. No foo-foo smell, which is a win for the hubby, and we don't mind using it on the little one since it's not full of nasty unknown stuff.

 This gluten free line also has a shampoo and conditioner. Has anyone tried it? I'm curious if it could stand up to my uber thick hair?!

~ Rachel

May 15, 2014

Oil Pulling to Reverse Cavities

Oil pulling.

Swishing oil to improve your health?


So here's the deal.  I have a cavity.  Well, let me be clear, I have two cavities (one that needs a ceric) and a dying nerve in a front tooth where I'm going to need a root canal!

What is this? Congratulations on surviving the first year of motherhood, you've jacked up your teeth and need some serious work!! Great. Thanks.

The truth is, I did jack up my teeth. For years I went us diagnosed with Celiac Disease so that by the time I found out what was wrong with me my body had already been lacking nutrients. Then, I spent years trying to heal my body so that I would stop being malnourished and be able to properly absorb nutrients. Add to that 9 months of pregnancy, sick, where I was often eating in the middle of the night and not always brushing my teeth. Then I was breast feeding and those first few months I was STARVING all hours of the day and night, thus again eating and not brushing my teeth. So, I guess you could say, while not all directly my fault, I had this bill of health from the dentist coming.

So, back to oil pulling.  I'm kinda crunchy (breast feeding, cloth diapering, eat predominantly organic, drink raw milk, etc.) so I belong to a Facebook group of crunchy moms and one of them mentioned oil pulling to reverse cavities. Say what?!? I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the following week, so I began researching and figured why not give it a shot.

The premise is:
Swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes in the morning (when taking a shower/getting dressed has been easiest for me).
Spit it out in the trash (so you don't clog your pipes).
Rinse your mouth out with water.
Brush your teeth (working on a homemade toothpaste now).
Continue on with your day.

I'm also trying to consume raw butter on a more regular basis and take my cod liver oil more faithfully as per the recommendation of The Paleo Mama. ***One note, I'm taking Carlson's cod liver oil because Blue Ice is just too dang expensive for this SAHM. :) Hoping I still gain some of the benefits.

According to what I've read, swishing this oil and maintaining optimal nutrition should help to remineralize my teeth.

So, I canceled my dentist appointment and figured I'd try this for a few months and see what happens.

Already, I've noticed a change and it's only been a week! My front tooth that is going to need a root canal had darkened (that's what alerted me to have the dentist check it out) and initially the dentist didn't notice anything wrong, so it had been darker than the rest of my teeth for a few years. Well, after just ONE WEEK of oil pulling (swishing) the tooth is almost the same color as the rest of my teeth! Woot woot!!!

Now to see what it does for the cavities...I'll keep you posted.

For now...

Have you heard of this?

Is it something you or someone you know has tried?

May 1, 2014

Where I've Been

Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

To kick off the month, I thought I'd start with a post about what I've been up to.

My life, my friends, has been full! I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl!!! In order to do both well, I found myself pulling back from the blog and then, ultimately, quitting it for awhile.  We've now found ourselves with a happy, spunky little one year old who's currently napping as I write this post! Life is sweet!

To digress a little and tell you about my health journey for the last two years, I was sick throughout my entire pregnancy.  Now, however, I wonder if it could have looked different.

You see, while going gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac helped me to feel better, I still did not feel well. Can you relate? Our house was completely gluten free and we were very selective in where we went out to eat, yet I would still get sick and found myself feeling ok, but never "good." When I got pregnant I get even sicker, maintaining "morning sickness" throughout the whole pregnancy. By the time I had our baby I was really weak.

BUT, all things work out for good! Thanks to the help of my mom, I started eating predominantly Paleo soon after delivering our baby. Within a few months, I found myself extremely sleep deprived (babies are so worth the lost sleep!) yet with more energy than I had prepregnancy! Who knew, for me, going gluten free was not enough.

Now, I say predominantly Paleo because I have found I can eat raw dairy and rice without feeling ill!

Woohoo!!! It's been about a decade, but I can now say...I FEEL GOOD! Not ok, not alright, GOOD!!!  And that, my friends, is worth celebrating!

What about you?

Was going gluten free enough for you?

Have you found yourself cutting out other foods as you journey toward good health?

Oct 30, 2012

Gluten Free Halloween Candy 2012

Just in time for Halloween this updated candy list courtesy of our friends at GfreeFoodie.

Gluten Free Candy List

I don't know about you, but lists like this make me SO happy.  I love my chocolate and it's always nice to know which options are safe!!!  

Now, if my husband and I could just figure out what to dress up as for Halloween.


Sep 13, 2012

A Gluten Free Cookie Worth Trying?

In honor of Celiac Awareness Day I HAD to share with you this amazing recipe that was shared with me.

As Celiac's, and others who have to avoid gluten, you understand the excitement when you find a good cookie or cake.  I mean, a GOOD one!  Right?  It's like finding the perfect shoe for your wedding (or prom if you're a little younger).  For guys, umm, it's like watching a good game?  Ha, sorry, I'm not so savvy in that department.

But, anyways, back to the cookie.  When you can't have "normal" cookies, you've had to go through some awkward, if not awful, cookies looking for something yummy.  And, due to that fact, your awesome friends (you know, those who understand) send you recipes when they find something gluten free that they think you might like.

So, this recipe today is for a gluten free AND vegan S'mores cookie!  Doesn't that just sound divine!  My lovely friend, Crystal, sent me the recipe and I can't WAIT to try to make them.  Yes, I have not yet tried these cookies.  But, I did look through the ingredients (and some delectable pictures) and I just couldn't wait to share with you.  Having been quite sick the last few months (more on that later, but we don't have time now...HELLO, I'm about to give you a cookie recipe!) I'm not sure when I'll finally have the energy to whip up a batch of these.

I figured, hey, my readers are good people.  Good people who have, sadly, had to endure some not so good gluten free cookies.  So, if I can get your hands on what I'm betting is a great recipe, why make you wait?  Seriously, I haven't been able to cook in like three months, so it could be a LONG while before I can give my opinion.

In the meantime, check these out.

Gluten Free and Vegan S'mores Cookies...complete with tons of gooey pics!

Hope you enjoy!  If you do make them, PLEASE share your thoughts...I can live vicariously through your baking. :)

Aug 22, 2012

Summertime Drinks

Summer may be winding down as kids and teachers have gone back to school, but that doesn't mean the fun of summer has to be over.

Well, maybe a little.  I mean, we can't just continue to stay home because we want to. :) 

BUT, we can definitely still enjoy some of the great flavors as we sit by the pool or BBQ this weekend.  Maybe even a little treat for yourselves tonight?  I say, go for it! 

As I've shared before, I'm loving the joys of Pinterest.  It's completely addicting (at least for me).  Have you been sucked into the world of pinning yet?  If not, let me know and I'd be more than happy to send you an invite. :)  If not, that's ok too.  But, you may find some of these pins I'm about to share just too enticing!

In honor of summer, I wanted to share some refreshing treats with you today. 


First up we have, peach popsicles.
Gluten free AND refined sugar free!  Yum!


Next, a fun blueberry, basil lemon water.
This may sound a little different, but check out the the ingredient list.  Simple and delicious!


Another icy treat.  This time, blackberry frozen yogurt. 
Added bonus for this one is that it only has three ingredients.


Lastly, I just couldn't resist adding this one for all you margarita lovers.  Watermelon Margarita.
I'm sure this will be a BBQ favorite for many of you!

***NOTE:  As always, double check any ingredients you are using to insure they are gluten free.

Enjoy!  As always, we'd love to hear of you've tried any of these or if you have a different, favorite refreshing treat for the summer.

Aug 8, 2012

Gluten Free Kids Snacks-Back to School

Summer is winding down and the school year is just around the corner!

The sleeping in for students (and us teachers) is coming to a close. :( It's a bittersweet time as I get excited to meet new students, yet sad to no longer be on my own schedule. While this summer has been different than others (more on that later) I still very much enjoy not having to pack breakfast, lunch and a few snacks.

Which brings me to today's post...

If your child is anything like me, they get really hungry throughout the day. That can prove especially difficult if they have food allergies. From slushies to gummy worms and Gatorade, while the snack selection at your child's school may have these gluten free options, it may not be what you want your child to eat. I can tell you, it's definitely not what your child's teacher wants them to be eating. A classroom full of 40 freshmen hyped up on sugar after lunch is definitely an interesting environment (not speaking from experience or anything). :)

However, healthy snacks are an essential way to keep your child's energy and attention up during the day.

So, here's a quick list of snacks that will hopefully help get you started and keep their tummies satisfied:

-Trail Mix (like the amazing one pictured above, from Trader Joes).
-Fresh fruit and veggies (I find it super helpful to bag these up ahead of time so they can just grab and go in the morning).
-Snack bars (NoGii kids or paleo bars and Larabars have some great, kid-friendly, flavors...I particularly love the pure ingredients of the Larabars).
-String cheese and pretzels (we love Glutino pretzels).

It's amazing, but although coming up with kid and school friendly snacks for your child with allergies can initially be a daunting task, once you start you may find that (like the short list above) there are quite a few options that will be similar to other kids.

It's never a quick, or easy, task coming up with foods to feed your child, but hopefully this list will help get the wheels in your head turning.

So, what did I miss? I know I didn't get ALL the good stuff!

One quick side note before I go. I heard a great idea awhile back from a mother whose son has Celiac. To help him feel more "normal" and included, she would talk with his teacher so she could keep track of when there were parties in his class. This way, when the occasion came up, she would make sure he had a cupcake or brownies in his lunch so that he never felt like he was being left out! He didn't have to just smell their dessert (am I the only one that does that?!?!), he could eat his own!

How cool is that?

Rachel aka Gfreegal

Jul 26, 2012

Tasty Gluten Free Breads

Going gluten free doesn't have to mean going without your favorite grilled cheese sandwich or French toast breakfast. You CAN have bread and it CAN taste good!

Gluten free just means a little tweak in your staple bread entrees.

However, depending on which bread you choose, you could find yourself thinking you'll never have a tasty sandwich again. Trust me, we've tried some pretty nasty gluten free breads over the past few years. But, we've also found some yummy options and have compiled a list for you of the top three brands (and no, none of these companies are endorsing this post; we just want you to eat what tastes good).

Top gluten free bread companies:

1. Canyon Bakehouse

Canyon Bakehouse has some of the most moist and squishy gluten free bread out there. We particularly like their cinnamon raisin and 7-grain breads. Perfect for a sandwich!

2. Rudi's Gluten Free

Rudi's is also quite moist for a gluten free bread. Their multigrain and cinnamon raisin breads are great for making toast in the morning. We also really like their plain tortillas

3. Udi's Gluten Free

Udi's bread holds a special place in my heart, just because it was the first gluten free bread I tried that tasted good and when toasted I didn't feel like it was going to break my jaw as I attempted to bite it. I also appreciated that it wasn't crazy crumbly like other breads (none of these three breads mentioned are!). Again, we like their whole grain, as well as their hamburger and hot dog buns. We also REALLY like their blueberry muffins. They're a great thing to pack (with Justin's peanut butter packets) for out of town trips!

Another great thing about Udi's is that Trader Joes is now carrying it!!! I think it's about $1 cheaper there than the health food store I usually buy it at! Score!

Now, granted, you can buy mixes and make your own gluten free bread, but honestly, we don't have time for that. When we're making something with bread (which we don't do every day) it's usually something quick like a sandwich or toast. Having these breads handy makes those quick meals that much tastier! Trust us, we've tried the funky's gross! ;-)

One SUPER important note...we keep ALL our gluten free bread in the freezer so that it keeps longer and better. We just take off a slice or two and defrost in for 30 sec in the microwave or toast it in the toaster oven (just make sure you don't burn it!).

Happy bread eating!

Did we miss an amazing gluten free bread on this list? If so, please tell us and we'll see if we can check it out.

Rachel aka Gfreegal

Jul 19, 2012

Gluten Free Tax Deductions

Did you know that if you have Celiac disease you can deduct your extra expenses in your taxes?


It's true.

Because the treatment for Celiac disease is to follow a gluten free diet, the IRS allows you to deduct those extra food expenses. It's a bit of a tricky process and requires consistency and follow through on your part.

To make this easier for you, here's an easy to follow list from our friends at CeliAct.

Gluten Free Tax Deductions

Good luck and hopefully this helps ease the expenses for you!

Rachel aka Gfreegal