The Bone Broth Diet-A Book Review (Part 1)

Saturday, January 09, 2016

It’s a new year and with a new year often comes resolutions, the most common of which is to lose weight.  For those of you with that goal, this post is for you.

I had the opportunity to review a new book called, “The Bone Broth Diet,” by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci.  Dr. Kellyann is, "a naturopathic physician and a certified nutritional consultant with more than 20 years clinical experience.”  In her book, Dr. Kellyann gives a 21 day weight loss plan as she discusses how personal issues with inflammation, whether in joints or the gut, are directly related to the foods we eat.  I love this!   I’ve seen improvements in my own health and the health of those that I love as we’ve changed our diets.  In our house, we’re about 80% Paleo (we eat rice a few times a week as it doesn’t bother us and we drink raw milk) because that’s what I needed to do to feel “well.”  My parents, on the other hand, are more strictly Paleo.  We all still eat high quality dairy, such as raw cheese and grass fed butter.

In my journey of going gluten free (I have Celiac disease), I’ve done a lot of research regarding food and found how beneficial it is to eat a quality diet.  In her book, Dr. Kellyann addresses which foods are beneficial to improving inflammation (bone broth baby!) and which foods actually increase inflammation (hello, canola oil!).

To give my readers, who are interested in losing weight, a fair review of this book, two of my family members will be following this diet for weight loss.   After they’ve embarked on this journey I will let you know their thoughts and success. 

Now, I myself am not looking to lose weight, but I still wanted to see what improvements I would see in my health if I made bone broth a part of my regular diet.  So, while I’m not going to pursue the bone broth fasting days, as outlined in “The Bone Broth Diet,” I am going to start to drink a cup of bone broth each day and see what benefits I notice. 

For now, I’ll leave you with some final thoughts about the book:

What I appreciate about Dr. Kellyann’s book is that she spends time explaining where she’s coming from and how the incorporation of bone broth can do wonders for our health (from weight loss, to hormone balance and better skin).  She talks about common food misperceptions and how that has worked against so many people’s goals of better health.   She then outlines the many benefits of bone broth before she goes into how the diet works.  If you chose to buy this book and follow Dr. Kellyann’s advice, you’ll be on a 21 day plan where you “fast” two days a week and drink bone broth on those days. 

What’s so helpful, is that you’re also given a specific list of foods that you will eliminate from the diet.  So cool!  I remember first going gluten free and being so overwhelmed thinking, “What can’t I eat? What CAN I eat?  Dr. Kellyann does just that.  She explains why the foods you can’t eat are no good for your health and then she outlines what foods will promote optimal health and weight loss.  Check out her book.  The lists are so easily laid out and she provides a 7 day general meal plan to get you going, plus multiple bone broth and meal recipes. 

This book is so thorough.  At first I thought it was really long and involved.  But then I thought back to the book "It Starts with Food" (how my family began the Paleo journey) and how nice it was to start out a new way of eating with a roadmap and recipes.

Bravo Dr. Kellyann!  This books looks like it will set up weight loss seekers with guidelines for success!

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  2. How did the diet go for you and your family members? I don't see an updated post on your site.


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