Gluten Free Tres Pupusas... Why yes please!

Monday, December 14, 2015

I've never had a Pupusa before, so the thought of it intrigued as well as worried me.

Tres Pupusas
I had to pull this from their site as I still have no clue what they are. Originating from El Salvador, a pupusa is a stuffed corn tortilla filled with delicious goodness. Our pupusas are produced with organic, non-GMO corn masa and are naturally gluten free meals. Pupusas are traditionally served with a side of curtido (cabbage slaw with vinegar) and salsa roja. You can find the recipe for curtido below. Guacamole is also a delicious complement to our gluten free pupusas, and for breakfast, they are perfect with a fried egg or two on top.

Now if you've never had organic corn before, you need to stop what you're doing and run out into the nearest organic corn field and grab an ear of corn. Though, I wouldn't recommend that as you may get in trouble.

They come in several flavors and the first ones I tried were green chile and cheese. I really wish I had gotten the bean and cheese ones, but I guess it's okay trying things out of the norm.

To cook, the owner of the company suggested you use enough oil to coat the pan and cook for 4-6 minutes on medium heat.

Now I wanted mine a little crispy so I did each side for about 4-5 minutes on medium heat. 

They were perfect!

I ran out of sour cream so I substituted it with yogurt. 

I was very surprised that the green chiles didn't overpower the flavor. A lot of times, people who use green chiles add too much where all you can taste is the chile, but it's a very balanced flavor across every bite.

Overall I was a bit shocked with how tasty they were. I've gotten used to cooking all of my own food and not buying packaged products, but these tasted restaurant fresh!

Now if you want to buy a package of these, you won't be disappointed as they truly are a great snack. I say snack because I could've eaten 10 of them.

Buy them here.

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