Desert Essence Toothpaste-Food Free Friday!

Friday, March 02, 2012

I got on a crazy whim yesterday.  Not sure why, just wanted to try something different.

Wandering through the body care section of Lassen's I came across Desert Essence's toothpaste.  I'd read about it on their website before and saw that it had some good reviews.  I was skeptical though.  I mean, toothpaste with tea tree oil and neem?  It just sounds questionable.

But, I decided to try it.  The reviews explained how "happy" it made their mouth.  Ok, "happy" is my word, but it fits for their descriptions.  They wrote about how clean their mouths felt, the improvement of their gums, etc.  Plus, there's very few ingredients to it. 

So, I figured, might as well try a natural toothpaste.  I've never really thought about it before, but as I stood in the aisle at Lassen's I began to wonder if the regular Crest toothpaste I use could have any adverse affects on my health?  It's something I ingest, so why not try an all natural formula.

I tried it last night.  At first it just tasted funky.  I think that could have been mostly attributed to the fact that I expected it to taste funky.  Who puts tea tree oil in their mouth?  Wash your face with it, sure.  But ingest it?  Weird. 

However, as I continued brushing, the awkward taste became less awkward.  What I began to notice more than anything else was the baking soda.  It wasn't an overpowering taste, just a light ligering flavor as I brushed.  After, my mouth felt minty fresh! Ha!  Actually, it really had that normal, clean feeling after brushing with "regular" toothpaste, like Crest. 

I tried it again this morning, and it seems like it cleans pretty well.

My favorite thing about it...the words "GLUTEN FREE" plastered nicely on the front of the package.  You definitely don't get that on Crest (at least not yet...)!

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  1. Hi, I've been using this toothpast for a few months now. At first I can agree the thought of tea tree oil in my was weird and at first it has an interesting feel to it. Felt good. Kind of refreshing but not in a taste sense rather a feel good sense.

  2. Yeah, Rachel tried to get me to try some and I just continued using whatever non-weird toothpaste I had been using! :)

  3. Well, the non-conventional toothpastes are not just aiming for peculiarity. I feel, when the companies manufacture such products, they consider their target market, and the benefits and usage too. A gluten-free toothpaste is great for celiacs like my Aunt Mindy. I might recommend this to her.

  4. Awesome! I'm still enjoying it. :)


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