Arizona Diamondbacks Celiac Awareness Night

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanks to my lovely friends at Rudi's Gluten Free and their facebook page, I just got word that the Diamondbacks will be hosting a Celiac Awareness Night! 

To read more about how this event came to be CLICK HERE

So, let me tell you what Rudi's has posted on their facebook.

The Diamondbacks will be hosting Celiac Awareness Night on Friday, May 25 (fireworks to follow the game!).  A portion of the tickets sold through this offer will go back to the Celiac Disease Foundation! 

There will also be fireworks after the game (weather permitting.)

Make sure you use promo code: celiac

Buy tickets here!

While I don't live anywhere near the stadium, this would be such a fun game to go to!  The Diamondbacks are always fun to watch, and who doesn't love a game that ends in fireworks!!!

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