Gluten Free, Organic Cereal

Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking for a quality gluten free cereal to kick start your morning?

Breakfast is such an important part of our day, just ask any health expert, they'll tell you!

The problem often is, we're in a hurry in the morning and practically running out the door as we shove some sort of "food" product down our throats. An egg omelet would be most delicious on a Monday morning, but realistically we just don't have time. Especially in the winter, those warm flannel sheets are just too inviting to get out of! :-)

So, let me tell you some of the great breakfast finds I depend on.
-protein powder and milk
-granola and yogurt
-toast and peanut butter or cream cheese

Those three are pretty much my staples during the work week.

BUT...I've found something new that I (actually "we" as my hubby enjoyed it too) really liked.

Arrowhead Mills makes some quality, whole grain gluten free products! You can imagine my excitement at our local Super Walmart last week when I noticed an increase in Arrowhead Mills products! Organic and whole grain? Yes please!

This cereal did not disappoint. As Crosby (my hubby) said, "This tastes just like frosted flakes!" Yum! And yum! I added some sliced bananas and it made for a great, quick breakfast that definitely satisfied. Just a quick side note, a bowl of oatmeal tastes great to me, but it never satisfies (I'm hungry again in less than an hour!). So it was nice to see that after eating a bowl of this I was good for about 2 hours!

Here's some nutritional facts about this cereal:
4g protein
Only 5g sugar (yay!)
Whole grain (buckwheat and brown rice)
Low fat (1g)
All natural!

We definitely will be keeping this as a new staple in our pantry!

Is there another whole grain, gluten free breakfast you enjoy? Please share with us!

Happy President's Day (oh the joys of being a teacher...sorry love!)!

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