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Thursday, February 09, 2012

I'm such a wuss! I have to start with that so that the rest of this post makes sense.

I'm trying the New England Clam Chowder from Kettle Cuisine for lunch today and I'm scared...haha, I guess not scared, just nervous.

I feel like a kid...what if I don't like it? Which brings me back to my wuss status. I don't care for funky, chewy food (just ask about mussels in London during our honeymoon...they just got pushed around on our plates!).

So here I sit, faced with clam chowder. I do have to say though, it smells really good!

My first bite was safe with just potatoes and broth (would you call it broth?) and it was tasty!!! Creamy, peppery, giant potato chunks, yum! I'm quite impressed. As the flavor lingers in my mouth I find myself wanting another bite. And another.

Which brings me to the clams! Ahh...what will I find?!? Surprisingly, the yummy flavor continues! Wow! Pretty stinking' good, even with the clams chewiness. But I will say they are quite chewy in that funky seafood way. However, I find that as I eat, if I just don't think about it, they're fine! I'm afraid though that if I focus on the chewiness too much it might not be good!

And with that...let me end this post and continue to enjoy my chowder!

One quick note...if you enjoy seafood, I'm sure you will not just like, but love this soup!! I imagine in a gluten free bread bowl would be quite scrumptious!

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