Kettle Cuisine Gluten Free Soup

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Monday have you singing the blues?  You're's cold...I know. :)

Well, sing no more because Kettle Cuisine is here to the rescue!  Their soups are designed for people like YOU (and's tasty!). 

Here's why.  You're headed to work and you didn't have time to prepare lunch the day before.  Sound familiar?  Stock your freezer with these soups and you'll be set.  They'll provide you with a warm, cuddly meal that's also nutritious. 

I don't know about you, but I love a nice warm, fuzzy meal in the winter.  It just hits the spot, you know.  But, so often the problem with soup is that it's not filling and leaves you not just wanting, but needing more.

That's where Kettle Cuisine comes in.  Pop one of their soups in the microwave and be prepared to curl up in your office chair with a great meal that's satisfying.  Now, I do need to add, that depending on how much you eat, you may need to pair the soup with something else to fill you up (I've eaten them alone at lunch and been fine, but you may be different...).

Today's post highlights the Roasted Vegetable Soup and Chicken Chili with White Beans.  These were the first soups I tried from Kettle Cuisine.  I was so impressed eating them.  Kinda like my husband's review of Contes Pasta on Saturday, these soups tasted nothing like what you'd expect from a frozen meal. 

The flavors were rich and you could distinguish different ingredients in each soup.  You know what I mean, so many soups can be just a big glop of "stuff!"

Roasted Vegetable Soup w/ Quesadilla (homemade)
I started with trying the Roasted Veggies Soup with a quesadilla for dinner and OH MAN!  It was delicious and I was full.  This soup is packed full of chunky veggies and spices.  Best of all, it's gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian!  The creators of Kettle Cuisine, definitely worked hard to cater to each of our dietary needs.  And to make something that's tasty, wow! 

I mean, it might sound silly, but this soup really was amazing.  I couldn't get over how homemade it tasted.  Seriously, I've tried many different gluten free frozen meals (remember, I'm a teacher so we don't exactly get a real "lunch" break!) and most don't taste that good.  I was impressed to find something that I'd be excited to just pop in the microwave and eat!  After trying this soup I can honestly say that I will be keeping our freezer stocked with Kettle Cuisine. 

To quote their website, "Our Roasted Vegetable Soup begins with a bounty of farm fresh vegetables perfectly roasted for optimum flavor and texture, lightly pureed, and seasoned with our own hand-blended spices. Then it’s finished with extra virgin olive oil to further complement the diversity of its flavors."

To highlight another soup very quickly, let me tell you about the Chicken Chili with White Beans.  Man!  Spicy and rich, this stuff hit the spot.  I tried this on one of those grab something out of the freezer and run to work days and I was impressed.  The chicken tasted like real meat and the flavor was intense.  I've never tasted a chili quite like this.  I noticed the ingredients listed cocoa powder...I wonder if that was the key to the unique, delicious taste?  The spice was definitely apparent, but it wasn't too overwhelming.  Another great thing I loved was that it was creamy, but not heavy!  In my opinion, this is definitely a soup you can eat alone and be filled. 

Chicken Chili and White Beans

One note...this soup is gluten free, but not dairy free.  But, if dairy isn't an issue, then enjoy!  To quote Kettle Cuisine again, "Our made-from-scratch chicken stock is the foundation for this satisfying chili that’s loaded with all natural chicken, hearty white beans and finished with sour cream and fresh cilantro."  Yum!

One last note.  All Kettle Cuisine soups are gluten free, but you'll need to peruse their selection to see what's dairy free, vegetarian or low fat.  Each is clearly labeled and the site is very easy to navigate!

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