Udi's Gluten Free Competition

Friday, February 03, 2012

Here's the full video... I'm going to go back and actually color correct and fix the audio so that it looks better. We had only a few hours to shoot and edit the film so we did the best with the time we had.

Here's an extended clip from the video (this is the raw file... so no color or audio correction)

So I've been really slacking with doing my part of updating this blog. Granted, Rachel has all the free time in the world, while I'm stuck actually working. (hahaha, I guess in my book, teachers don't work... and managing editors spend all of their time working hhahahaha...)


So we've been super busy the last week shooting a 2 minute spot for a Udi's Gluten Free Competition, titled "Udi's New Year, New You."

After we came up with our idea for the spot, we pulled together some great friends of ours to help out and get the piece shot within the last week.

I'm now spending the remaining time editing and putting the spot together. I'm not saying what it is, but we'll put the final product up soon.

Have a great day everyone!

I'm really not that good at taking pictures while I'm working, so here's a little BTS of what I'm doing.

We went to Santa Barbara for the weekend and ran down to the beach and I was able to get her right before the sun went down

Here's one of the opening shots... Rachel was getting her makeup on, so I just snapped a quick shot of our simple setup... Man I love my job :)

My great friend Jared helped us with probably the funniest scene of the piece. And Rachel's wonderful friend Cassie came in at the last moment and really gave us everything we needed.

And everyone needs color correcting... Shhhhh don't tell Rachel, she thinks I was "rendering" her image... hahaha I love you wife!

Here's a hilarious shot of Jared, Jesse and John talking about their "problems..." and catching someone off screen...

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