Gluten Free Travel in France

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where was this when we went on our honeymoon to Paris in July 2010???  Who knows, it could have been written already and I just didn't find it...I couldn't find a date on the article.

Anywho, this article was published on USA Today and it gives some very helpful information on travel to France.  The main thing I was impressed about is the "Association Francaise des Intolerants au Gluten."  It's the French Association of the gluten-intolerant and there's loads of information for how to navigata France gluten free.  If only I spoke French?  However,  it looks like you can print off certain lists to take with you that will make your travels easier.  Why?  Because French people do speak French, so restaurants and grocery stores will be able to use your list to help feed you! :)

Also, restaurant cards from Celiac Travel were super helpful for our honeymoon! 
Restaurant cards in French!  I would show these to restaurant servers/owners when entering their restaurant or cafe and they could tell me real quick whether or not I could eat there.  Haha...many times I was quickly told, "" and shooed out of the establishment! Love it!  Hey, at least they cared enough to not let me get sick! :)

So, here's the great article that I had mentioned earlier.

Gluten-free Food in France

by Virginia Franco, Demand Media
article found here, at USA Today.

Managing celiac disease or any other condition that requires a restricted gluten-free diet is challenging even from the comfort from home. Travelling to a foreign destination can make it even more so. Fortunately, with some proper planning and advanced knowledge, managing celiac disease in France, the the land of patisserie (pastry) and pain (bread), does not have to be "pain"-ful. With a little knowledge about gluten-free French foods and terminology, your travels through France should be pain-free.

Association Francaise des Intolerants au Gluten

The Association Francaise des Intolerants au Gluten translates to the French Association of the gluten-intolerant. If you can read French, you will find a lot of information on their website that will help you navigate the country gluten-free. If you don't, print out their list of "produits génériques autorisés/interdits" or "list of acceptable and forbidden foods" and bring it with you whenever you are at a restaurant, a bakery or even a grocery store. The "inderdits" are the forbidden foods. The list is incredibly detailed, and includes gluten-free product lines and distributors, as well as detailed information such as particular types of regional sausages that are gluten-free. Association Francaise des Intolerants au Gluten

Bio Stores

The term "bio" means organic in France, and "magasin bio" means a health food store. Larger “bio” stores carry greater selections of gluten-free products including muesli, cereals, muffins, small cakes and cookies, although even smaller "bio" stores have an impressive array of gluten-free products. There are literally hundreds of "bio" stores throughout the country, so your best bet is to ask for a bio store with foods that are "sans gluten" or gluten-free.

Aux Biscuits d’Antoine

This bakery prides itself on its line of gluten-free products. Aux Biscuits d'Antoine's biscuits, crackers and cookies are carried in many "bio" or health food stores. Aux Biscuits d'Antoine 5 Petite Rue 89310 ETIVEY - FRANCE (33) 03 86 55 71 73

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