Udi's New Ancient Grain Breads

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yippee!  Ok, maybe I'm a bit over-excited, but Udi's has come out with new breads and they're uber-healthy!!  OHH yeah!!!

Finally, a gluten free bread that's healthy and likely tasty (I have yet to try anything from Udi's that I didn't like, but I need to go buy this bread before I'll know for sure!).

Just looking at the facts in the image above, I'm excited to eat something with 12 grams of whole grains!

Besides being gluten free, the bread also boasts being soy-free and nut-free!  Added bonus for those with multiple allergies or just trying to avoid soy or nuts.
Being on a gluten free diet, I've missed the opportunity to buy already made "whole grain" breads.  Crosby and I cook A LOT at home, but we have yet to add making our own bread to the list.  We don't eat a lot of bread anyways, but when we do make sandwiches or toast, it's much more convenient to pull an already made loaf out of the freezer.  It makes me so excited to have the option of a bread that will be good for us to eat. 

Here's a snippet from Udi's blog about their bread.

Udi’s new Omega Flax & Fiber and Millet-Chia breads not only provide great taste and texture – their ‘ancient’’ and wholesome ingredients provide the solid nutritional foundation needed for our current busy lifestyles.  Read on to discover some of the natural health benefits of these ancient ingredients offer.   

Their website carries all their products and the price is pretty reasonable. :)

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