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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's the best thing about beef jerky? Why the beef of course! :)

Ha, ok I must apologize for the cheesiness! I'm a little loopy today. Must be Spring Fever coupled with the taste of an ever closer summer vacation (about 30 school days left...not that I'm counting!). I must admit though, as the weather warms up I just start getting ancy. It's funny because I start to do silly things in my class, like take them outside to read (I teach high school English), just because the sunshine makes me happy! Or get REALLY excited about Romeo and Juliet and make them memorize the Prologue! Ha, this time of year is just so fun!

Anyways, back to the beef in beef jerky. While my initial statement may be cheesy, it's true. Who wants to eat beef jerky that's made out of some kind of "meat-like" substance?

That's where Slant Shack Jerky comes in. This group of friends created a quality jerky out of sustainably raised grass-fed beef. With the hubby and I being avid organic food eaters you can imagine the excitement! We just want to make sure the bulk of our food is top quality (just a personal choice).

And oh my goodness, you can taste the quality in this jerky! I was extremely impressed from the first bite! They have a slogan on their information card that reads, "We're confident you'll love our jerky as much as we do - just make sure you get some before we eat it all." Ha, I need to make sure I save some for the hubby to try! Must not open the second package! ;) So stinkin' tasty!

As soon as I opened the package I was impressed by the smell of the jerky alone! It smelled a little sweet, almost like maple syrup, which got me excited! I don't like many powerful favors of jerky, so the slight hint of a flavor excited me. The taste proved even more impressive. It's hard to describe (I think I need to go to food critic school to improve my "food tasting" repertoire of words), but for now I'll go with delicious, while a mix of spicy and sweet. Overall, definitely something worth trying!

Now, I do have to say, it did seem to be a little extra chewy, but the extra little jaw workout is totally worth it. I'll have to wait and see what the hubby's thoughts are...maybe I just have a wimpy jaw!

Let me leave you with some cool facts about this neat company as posted on their site. Check out the info below...they have an AWESOME option where you can customize your own flavor! So cool!

Make sure you leave us a comment telling what flavor you tried, or created.

Info from site:
<i>SlantShack's Build-a-Jerky feature offers customers the choice of either 100% grass-fed or USDA Choice beef, and a variety of unique marinades, spice rubs and glazes. For jerky like you’ve never tasted before, mix and match flavors including Maple Syrup, Garlic Powder and SlantShack’s signature Jerk McGurk’s Wild RubDown to create your own customized meat treat.
Since we opened for business, we've been named one of the Top Ten Jerkies in America by Maxim, given 5 stars by Best Beef Jerky, featured in The Atlantic, Serious Eats, The Village Voice, The Wall Street Journal, and Food Republic, and generally adored by customers throughout the land. </i>

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  1. I make and sell a lot of jerky , I have made alton's recipe ,It's pretty good but to be honest my own "hot-n-sweet"creation outsold it 4 :1.I marinade mine for "at least" 24 hours up to 48.. it makes all the difference in the world.I go about 8-10 hrs and re-stack the trays every 1-2 hours. Cheers, @Britney from Beef Jerky Online


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