Beauty Routine Made Easy-Food Free Friday

Friday, April 20, 2012

Time for Food Free Friday! 

Today I wanted to take some time and highlight some gluten-free beauty products that I am loving.  I don't know about you, but I spend maybe fifteen minutes getting ready for work. For me, the longer I can sleep in the better.  My typical morning goes as such:  alarm goes off, hit snooze 2-3 times, fly out of bed, brush my teeth, do my make-up, do something with my hair, throw on some clothes (ok, I do have to pause and say I am one of those crazies who spends 10-15 minutes picking out my outfit the night before!), grab breakfast and lunch (again, night before packing is a MUST for this gluten-free gal) and run out the door!  That being said, I am always excited for ways I can shorten my beauty routine.

Enter in these two gems.  I came across both in just the last two weeks and they have already trasformed my day! :)  Don't you just love a good product that you can trust and that seems to make your life easier?  I do!

Nars Eyeshadow base
Eyeshadow base-This smudge-proof eyeshadow base from Nars is amazing!  Seriously, since using this primer it seems like my eye shadow has just improved dramatically.  I'm just obsessed with how much longer my eye shadow stays on.  Usually, by the end of the day my eyes are a bit irritated and my eye shadow is creased and wearing off.  Well, no more!  I was impressed when Love, my trusty Sephora employee, recommended it as the one thing in Sephora she would most DEFINITELY buy (can I just say though, that comment leads me to believe she recieves free products...summer job at Sephora!?!?Hmm...not a bad idea!).  Now, after two weeks of use, I would have to agree.

Red Apple Lipstick
RAL Nude Peppermint Lipgloss
Lipgloss-I know I've spoken a lot about my friends at Red Apple Lipstick and how amazing their products are.  Well, I'm here to do it again because I just can't get enough!  I recently got my hands on their Nude Peppermint Lipgloss (thanks for the recommendation Jay!) and I'm hooked.  This stuff is incredible and again, going with today's theme, shortens my beauty routine.  This lipgloss has the perfect hint of color to make you feel like your look is "done," AND because it's a lipgloss you've got that awesome lipstick/lipgloss look acheived in one easy step.  To add to that, this stuff is peppermint flavored...added bonus baby!

So, now that you knows what's got me tickled this week, what beauty products make you happy?  I love learning for others and trying out what they like (that's how I came across the above, people!). 

Also, if you're curious about certain products, let me know.  I'm always down for an excuse to try something new! :)

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