Nut Thins Crackers-Would You Eat Them?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Nut Thins Crackers. Sounds odd, right? Oddly enough, ha, they're not. These crackers are surprisingly tasty and I'm finding that they go with a wide array of different toppings. I've had them with meat and cheese (salami and sharp cheddar please!), cream cheese, peanut butter, AND my latest Trader Joes find of almond butter with flax seeds. You can read more about that find below, but for now, just Nut Thins.

Okay, so what I love about these crackers is their crunch and neutral flavor. They're just so crunchy crispy, which is my favorite part of a cracker. Well that's not entirely true, my favorite part of a cracker used to be the amazing flavor of the delectably delicious Gold Fish cracker!! Ohh I often say that I don't miss much gluten, but I do miss those babies. They brought me through my four hour night classes in college and I can honestly say I don't know that I would have survived without them. But alas, here I am, without them! Probably for the better seeing as they lack MUCH more nutrition when compared to Nut Thins, but still, petition anyone?!? I really think I may write and request for gluten free Gold Fish to be made! Who's with me?

Enough of that and back to these Nut Thins and their flavor. I prefer the hazelnut (as pictured here) as it is nice and neutral. They're slightly salty but nothing overpowering which allows me to enjoy them in so many ways, even plain (I've eaten quite a large handful as I write this!) is yummy!

Being able to eat them with different spreads also comes in handy as they can go stale quickly. So do make sure you keep the bag inside closed tight so they last longer! :)

Now to try the cheesy flavor that awaits me in our pantry! Maybe, just maybe they'll satisfy that once enjoyed flavor of Gold Fish?!?

Happy snacking!

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