An Abundance of Gluten Free Flours

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Choosing the right gluten free flour(s) can be the difference between making the perfect gluten free dessert or bread and a disaster.  Trust me, I've attempted the "healthy" route of making pancakes with quinoa flour and peanut flour.  Both were a complete FAIL!  The smell alone was something I couldn't get past.   Both flours were so nutty that not even a heaping dose of cinnamon or vanilla in the batter could fix them.  I even attempted topping the cooked pancakes with an overwhelming scoop of berries and whipped cream.  Still...a FAIL!

With that being said, I'm hoping this extensive gluten free flour list will help you to insure your baking adventures will turn our more delicious and less disastrous!

This list breaks it down my baking/cooking desires from all-purpose, to thickening, to stuffing, baking and everything in between!

Gluten Free Flour List

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