Wheat in Wine? NOOO!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ok, so I saw this headline that wheat paste is used in some wine barrels?  WHAT!?!?  NO!  Haha...I probably sound like a real wine-o, yet in reality I am more of a sipper.  I enjoy the taste of wine, but that's it, just the taste.

A good wine, like gewurztraminer (thank you google for the spelling) or moscato is just so yummy!  But seriously, you should see the wine glasses I bought us...my parents laughed because they were tiny glasses for hard liquor! Ha!

Anywho, back to this whole wine and wheat fiasco.  I did some further investigation of the article and this is what I found.  Gluten in Wine? article

I'm very curious about the findings here and the "maybe...possibly" presence of gluten.  I've never considered much about the idea of gluten being in my wine.  I always look the the bottle for any ingredients listed (as has become second nature when shopping), but I've never researched much beyond that.  I think it's definitely time I start.  Luckily, it will likely be a month before I sip another glass of wine, BUT I'd like to be sure I'm not poisoning myself as I do so.

So, a question for you...

Anyone have other findings on this issue?

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  1. Oh my goodness! My French husband...what is he going to do?! Thanks for the great article! I better do some research on gluten in wine before I buy our next bottle :) Love your blog!

  2. So glad I could help...but yeah, such a bummer! Please let me know what you find/learn as you research as well! :)
    I'm loving your blog too...gluten free families unite! :)

  3. one day whilst shopping at whole foods, they had a section where you could sample wine...so I tried a sip...one small sip and it put me down for about 3 days! I had a strong reaction to it...thats when I found out about the paste that they use to seal the barrels with. I went back to WF and explained to the wine dept that perhaps they need to make a sign for that so people are aware of it.
    Since then I have sworn off any alcohol at all. Not that drank a lot but perhaps once a year and that was it. But I'd rather be safe then sorry


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