A Gluten Free Baja Fresh Dilemma

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm sitting here in Starbucks, drinking a delicious Vanilla Rooibos tea and contemplating the growling that is my stomach.  My lovely hubby is outside brainstorming with some friends about the best way to promote Christian concerts in town.  Needless to say, while he thinks away I need to do something about my tummy.

I thought I had this covered when I made us a couple of delicious quesadillas for dinner, but that was clearly not enough food for this girl!

Let me digress for a moment and tell you about those quesadillas.

  • Brown rice tortillas
  • Butter (softened)
  • Shredded cheese (we prefer the light mexican blend from Trader Joe's)
  • Sliced turkey meat (cut into small pieces)
Simply lather the outside of the tortillas in butter (mmm...organic is best!), turn them over, fill half with cheese and meat and fold in half to cook.  Warm a skillet on the stove, slap these babies on and cook away!  Delish!

However, clearly not enough when eaten while running out the door to get to a meeting (my hubby...outside).  So, now that brings me back to my current state.  Hungry and facing the options of Baja Fresh.  I hopped online and found this!  I'm happy to report there are quite a few options for food, but I was totally bummed to learn that the chips are cooked in the same fryer as gluten filled food! :(  Such a bummer as I was having a fattening chip craving!

Oh well, I'm thinking some beans and rice will do...

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