Help! How to Get Rid of Yeast?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This one's candid...

I've been playing nurse the last few days as Crosby recovered from getting his wisdom teeth out.  He took it like a champ, only needed a few Advil here and there. BUT, his stomach hated him!  It was horrible!  He's slowly feeling better, though, which is good.  And, while he lost 4 pounds within the day after surgery, I have since fattened him up and he's gained 5! :) Hehe...lots of tomato soup, mashed potatoes, jello, pudding and ice cream!

Hopefully the worst is behind us.

Well, for his health, that is.  I think my body secretly likes to maintain the role of "princess" because now we're rollin' back to my health.  I went in to the doctor yesterday to find out the news on some tests I took, and OHH MAN!


We knew there was more wrong with me than just Celiac (always tired, randomly bloaty/gassy, headaches, etc.), but we didn't know what.

Now we have some answers!  Praise the Lord!

  • Vitamin & amino acid levels show that my body makes little to no energy (shocker! ~sarcasm). :) Must take new vitamins ASAP!
  • I'm apparently HIGHLY sensitive to eggs and should NOT be eating them (weird).
  • I've got a few other food sensitivities (I'll need to recheck that list...probably will have to keep it in my purse...I think there's like 10 foods on there).  Did I mention my body likes to be a "princess?!?!"
  • Lastly, I have a HUGE yeast problem in my large intestine!  Yowza!  Ok, the Dr. paused before saying, "Well, I've seen worse..."  We think she's lying!  It's so bad that some treatment she would normally recommend won't work!  Ahh...  Now, she did send me away with Candistatin and I'll be going to another Dr (my current Doc is homeopathic) to get a prescription to help kill this beast!
So, my large intestine is plagued with yeast!  I believe the "condition" is called Candida?!

{UPDATE} In further looking at my tests, it appears that I have an uncommon form of yeast/fungi (not Candida and other known forms).  Haha, you know what that means?!?!  I'm a weirdo! hehe...this should be interesting.  BUT...good update is that I don't think I'll have to follow the intense Candida diet (like the crazy Candida cleanse I found!  Can I get another "Praise the Lord!?!?" :)  Hmm...we'll see how this goes!

 In looking at some causes, I wonder if the years of not being diagnosed with Celiac, thus being sick and stressed all the time are what did this?  Hmm...

Anywho, this means my new journey, is to figure out a diet that is free of:

  • Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • And probably a bunch of other stuff...
Basically, I/WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

We have just set foot into this NO YEAST world.  Any information, websites, recipes you can provide would be UBER helpful!  Please post ANYTHING you know into the comments below.  At this point, we're blind...

Thank you SOOOOOO much!

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  1. So far I've learned, the top Candida fighting foods are: coconut oil, garlic, onions, seaweed (bleh!), almonds (soaked & dried), ginger, olive oil, lemon and lime juice, pumpkin seeds and cayenne pepper!

    Any recipe ideas???

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I have been meaning to write you since my recent discovery. It's crazy that you mention yeast because I went through the same thing. What Dr. diagnosed that? I was suffering from the same symptoms, tired, bloating, haeadaches, and I finally went to Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara (our insurance covers them) and spent three days there. I went to five different specialists and I had a plethora of tests done. Turns out I do NOT have Celiac!!!!! The symptoms I was experiencing were from stress from dealing with the "diagnosis" of Celiac! It was a complete misdiagnosis!!! Crazy! I did experience real symptoms a year ago and had my gallbladder removed, I probably would have been fine only the doctor diagnosed me a week later with Celiac. After reviewing my medical records (especially the "biopsy") I never had any evidence of Celiac. Two of my blood markers were high once but that is it! I have been eating "normal" for one month & I feel great! The stress of Celiac has gone & I can finally live my life. :-). Such a journey!

  3. Really?!? Alysia that's amazing! I'm so happy for you. Definitely quite a journey! I've been going to Dr. Roman (this was the first chunk of tests I got back). We like her a lot better, but I've never considered the Samson Clinic. What made you decide to go there?

  4. Hi Rachel
    Have you looked into The Paleo Diet, it looks like something that might work with your new food restrictions. Nerd Fitness is one of my new favorite web sites. Check it out.

  5. I decided to go to Sansum because I was still not feeling "well" and I could not figure out why because I was adhering strictly to the gluten-free diet. It was then that I spoke with a friend who highly recommended Sansum. I had heard great things about them and was impressed after the first phone call to them. I saw Dr. Egan and he is a wonderful physician. I have to admit, after reflecting on the last year I realize Dr. Roman was correct on many levels. She told me I had a lot of yeast and I bought the expensive pills but it did not work according to the tests and I don't think I have too much yeast because I have not done anythig different and I feel great.
    I truly believe the emotional stress (that I didn't even realize I had) was causing me to not feel well. Our minds are powerful! I always had in the back of my mind the question of "When am I going to get cancer or something else that comes along with Celiac and why does it seem like noone is truly knowledgable about this disease?" I wondered if I would ever see grandchildren or fulfill my passion of teaching. I know I am a perfectionist, and this caused me to be quite compulsive about not ingesting gluten. I'm sure this attributed to my stress also. I am not sure I want to persue a malpractice case at this time, I am thinking about it though. It will take a lot of energy that I am willing to part with at this time. If I have any other issues I will most certainly go back to Sansum, it was more than worth it!

  6. The Paleo Diet is definitely the direction I'm headed.

    Alysia, Very interesting about how that all played out with you. We're talking now about going down there, and possibly to a Celiac Disease center in LA or San Diego (have heard good things about both). Did you have Dr. Roman give you the referral to Sansum?

  7. No, you do not need a referral, just a phone call :-) I have already recieved my insurance statements and all I was responsible for was my $20 copay each time I saw the doctor. I would highly recommend trying it! I saw Dr. Egan, a gastroenterologist who did my endoscopy and biopsy. The number is 805.681.7500 if you should decide to call. Best wishes to you :-)

  8. Very cool! Thanks for all the information!


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