Its All About You!...And A Wrap Up Of My Crazy May

Friday, June 08, 2012

Today's Food Free Friday post is a little different. I'm catching you up a little on the craziness of May for me, but most important I'm asking you some questions that I WOULD LOVE to have answers to. So, please please please (yes, a little shameless begging) comment below! Even if you want to just comment anonymously, we'd absolutely LOVE your feedback! Thanks so much!!

First, check out the rockin' new do! :) Photo courtesy of my studly hubby (hair by his wonderful aunt!) ;)

Okay, and here goes.

Celiac disease awareness month has ended and June is officially in full swing. There was so much I wanted to do on here last month (recipes, news tips, etc.), but I just didn't have the mental capacity or the time to do it.  BUT...that does mean the summer should be poppin'!

So, here was the problem, Celiac disease awareness month comes at the worst time of year for me, a teacher. Actually no, the worst time of year would be August, but May is a close second.

I ran full force, at the start of this month, and then I just died. Man, did I die.

As the school year winds down things just get CRAZY! Everyone needs something: finals to be written and copied, students needing to make up work (sometimes for the first time all quarter! Ha!), students wanting to hang out during lunch because they love me (I know...I know..AWW!), plans for next year begin, and the list just continues. It's an odd thing, but every year as you wind down, you're still speeding up just to finish. I literally felt like I was almost jogging around campus getting everything checked in along with the necessary signatures (for you non teachers, this is things like teacher's editions checked into the library, grades checked in at the registrar, attendance checked in, keys checked in, classroom book sets checked in, club binders checked in at finance, etc.). Whew...exhausting, BUT now over! :)

Granted, I really enjoy teaching and I'm not complaining. I mean, hello, I've been getting all crazy to finish so that I'd be finished (and be done for 2 months! Whoop whoop!!)! I've definitely got a sweet gig, in that respect, but this last month just wiped me out.

That could be because a few things have been added to my usual May craziness. The main thing being that when I moved school four years ago, I just moved everything (and the moving that summer definitely became "in lieu of" organizing). That has left me with a TON of stuff to sort through, which I finally took on the last two weeks of May. Man, all I gotta say is kudos to those on the show Hoarders because I have been exhausted! Cleaning, organizing, tossing, reorganizing! It's so necessary, but it's just nuts!!

***Let me pause for a moment and say IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ORGANIZING TIPS PLEASE SHARE BELOW as our home office is next on my list! Paperwork may just be the death of me! ;)

So no, I'm not complaining here, just apologizing to all our wonderful readers. We want to be providing you consistent, up to date, info and I've just been sucking at the consistent part. I'm so sorry.

But now, it's summer and I'm at your service!

I want to know what YOU want!

***Please take a little time and answer the following in our comments section:
What would YOU like to see on a gluten free survival website?
What would MOST help you?

We want to know!

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  1. My son was just prescribed a Gfree diet for 3 months by his pediatrician. It would be awesome to see a Gfree for dummies section. Like how to get started with a Gfree diet, stuff to always have on hand and where to buy it. It would be helpful to have a Gfree kids section! Your blog is fantastic! Keep up the hard work!


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