Gluten Free Breakfast Burritos

Monday, June 18, 2012

I know we just posted a recipe on gluten free chicken burritos, but what can I say, we just can't get enough of burritos lately.
I think we're just so excited to have found tortillas that are pliable, tasty AND gluten free!  It's a win, win for us!

This time, we made breakfast burritos for DINNER using Rudi's Gluten Free Fiesta Tortillas!
Breakfast Burritos
  • Fiesta Tortillas

  • Free Range Organic Eggs

  • Shredded Potato Hash Browns (frozen)

  • Ham Deli Meat (uncured from Trader Joes)

  • Shredded Cheese

  • Organic Ketchup (if desired)

1. Butter a medium size skillet and scramble your eggs (you'll want about 1 1/2 eggs per burrito).
2. In another skillet (I've found non stick works best for this, we have a cool "earth" pan that I use!), pour 2 Tbls. vegetable oil, and heat for 3-4 min. Add desired amount of hash browns (about 1/2 cup per burrito). Cook for 5 minutes, turn, and cook another five minutes.
3. While hash browns are cooking, slice ham and shred cheese.
4. Once all ingredients are ready, pop tortillas in the microwave for about 20 seconds, and then fill with eggs, hash browns, ham, cheese, and ketchup.
5. Fold up burrito (this is the exciting part! It folds!! Only one small tear in mine!) and enjoy!

Now, in writing this post I've realized that our breakfast burritos totally lacked veggies!! Oops...that's what we get for throwing them together as a quick dinner.

So, my question of the day:
What veggies should we have used in our breakfast burritos?

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  1. I like burritos for its savory taste. Good thing that there is a gluten-free recipe burrito that can make my breakfast healthy. I'll try this at home.

  2. My favorite breakfast skillet at a local restaurant is broccoli, chicken and cheese with hashbrowns and eggs. I don't know how the broccoli would go over with the ham, but you could try it. Another possibility would be peppers.


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