NoOodle Zero Calorie Noodles

Monday, June 25, 2012

Groupon Pic

Saw a deal for these noodles on Groupon and I knew I had to immediately warn you about them!

Just run!

Don't click "buy," click "delete!"

Okay, well I should say this opinion comes from Crosby and me. And we can sometimes be a bit overdramatic. But, we like good food, so we may be worth listening to. :)

Here's the deal on NoOodle Noodles. They sound fabulous. Angel-hair noodles that are free from gluten, carbs and calories. They had me at the "angel-hair." But, then I was suspicious at the no carbs and calories. Totally one of those, "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is." Turns out these noodles are made from yam flour and water. Hmm...never heard of that before.


We were skeptics, but I was excited to go out to a nice italian restaurant, so a few months ago we tried these things (not quite sure how to refer to them?). We were in Santa Barbara enjoying a nice weekend away when I happened upon a cute italian place, Palazzio, that advertised offering gluten free noodles! Score! We called up where we were insured that not only did they have the gluten free noodles, but that they were these NoOodle noodles and guests seemed to enjoy them. We figured, why not.

Oh man! We had no idea what we were getting into.

Granted, I need to first say that the atmosphere and ALL the other food was exceptional! This place is really quaint (dark, romantic, wine vats to choose from around the restaurant). Best part, at 10pm everyone stops to sing "That's Amore" and drink wine!

For the food, we started with an amazing salad and bread (that I just smelled, but Crosby said it was heavenly, for all you non-Celiacs). I ended with a delicious decaf latte and rice pudding! Oh man, was that good!

The entree, however, was a bit different. Like I said, we ordered a pasta dish with NoOodle gluten free noodles. The dish came with chicken and sun dried tomatos, which we devoured. The pasta, however, not so much. It was really stringy with an odd taste and texture. We found that after trying to muster down a few bites (did I mention we had a MASSIVE serving sitting between us!), we both found ourselves gagging so we had to stop. Yes, it totally made us gag. We continued with eating a bit more of the chicken and tomatoes around the pasta and then had it packed up to go. I know, why get it to go? We felt bad. After a million questions from us, and then ordering a heaping serving, the least we could do was order it to go and then throw it away around the corner.

Can any of you relate? Or are we the only ones that have done that?

Anywho, all this to say, those NoOodle noodles were not our thing. I can't think of any other time in the past year or more that eating something has caused me to gag. Not even the funky green veggie juices I've been trying lately.

But then, that could just be us. I'm sure if they're selling, others must be eating them ok...just not us. :)

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  1. Hi Rachel
    I wonder if the kitchen goofed on your order! How could others seem to enjoy noodles so awful.

  2. Definitely a possibility, or they were just too weird for us. :)


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