Gluten Free Beer that Tastes Good

Thursday, June 07, 2012

At least, that's the claim coming from Omission Beer.

Indeed, they do have quite the catchy title, but what's the truth behind this beer?

You see, Omission Beer contains barley & hops yet it's also deemed "gluten free." Hmm, how does that work? Well, according to the company, the beer goes through an extensive fermentation process that removes the gluten to where it's tested at 20ppm or below (what is required to label a product "gluten free"). In fact, as I was looking over their website I found an option under "test results" that allows you to find out how your specific bottle of beer tested. Kinda cool!

Here's a little more info about the masterminds behind this beer:

"Few people know more about gluten-free beer than Terry Michaelson and Joe Casey.

Michaelson, the chief executive of Craft Brew Alliance (A-B InBev owns a 32 percent stake in the group), was diagnosed with celiac disease 12 years ago. Casey, brewmaster at Widmer Bros., began formulating gluten-free beer recipes shortly after his wife was diagnosed with the disease in 2006.

"My wife missed the flavor of beer," Casey says. "She tried a wide variety of gluten-free beer, and they were missing what she described as beer character. It helped drive me to keep looking for a solution."

Michaelson says: "Joe deserves the credit for all the work he put into that — having a gluten-free beer that actually tastes like beer. I wanted to make sure if we did something, we delivered on the flavor that other beer consumers were experiencing and enjoying."

Omission will stick with its Pale Ale and Lager styles for now, but Michaelson says the line could expand.

"We want to continue to give people with gluten sensitivity the option to try different craft styles, which hasn't really been an option for them," he says. "The great thing about Omission is, you don't have to be a celiac to enjoy it."

Read more: Finally, A Gluten Free Beer that Tastes Like Beer

Omission's beers are currently only in Oregon, but they will begin to show up nationally starting next week.

My questions:
I wonder how their flavor will compare to other gluten free beers?!? Right now I like Bards over Redbridge!

What's your beer preference? Would you try Omission's?

Rachel aka Gfreegal

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  1. I would love to try it!

  2. I refuse to try this. It is not 'gluten-free'. Also the tests used have been shown to underestimate hydrolyzed barley, which is still a risk for celiacs. Try again.

  3. Mad Dr,
    Interesting info. about the tests. It seems like it'd be a risky thing for celiacs to try...definitely personal choice on this one.


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