Brain Fog

Friday, April 27, 2012

Have you ever tried to write when your head is congested?  Man is it difficult. 

This Food Free Friday post is dedicated to saving grace this week! :)

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I've had this cold/flu business off and on for a few weeks now and it's totally clouding my brain.  I've got all these great posts I want to write (like a recap of Nourished, A Food Blogger Conference, and the GFAF Expo) yet I can't pull my thoughts together.  Even worse, I've got some great recipes I want to try, but I'm so exhausted I can't even consider it. 

I've felt like the posts I have written were painfully compiled and just not quite where I'd like them to be...  Can anyone relate?  Does the snot in your head cloud your thoughts too?  Ha...I know that's disgusting, but it just made me giggle!

However, the positive side of this is I've been napping like crazy, so I'm beginning to feel like I'm catching up on my sleep! Yay! Even better is I've been able to see even more how loving my husband is. His work has been crazy, yet he's been taking care of me as best he can when he's home. 

So, I want to know.  What do other writers/bloggers do when their minds are clouded by illness?  Do you all just squint your eyes at the blaringly white computer screen and write what you hope to be something legible? 

Please share...just not your germs! ;)

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