Why Gluten Free Wasn't Enough For Me & Why I Now Eat Paleo!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Paleo, the new "fad" diet, like gluten free right?


Many of us started eating gluten free or Paleo because of how it made us feel. We were sick. We had undiagnosed illnesses/ailments and doctor after doctor said we were fine.  Some of us were diagnosed with Celiac. Others took the test and while it came back negative, eating gluten free has turned their world around.

I started my Paleo journey in March of 2013 after my daughter was born. I was sick my entire pregnancy and could barely get through my 3 1/2 hr working day (after being so sick from gluten and still sick as I recovered, we figured I'd be a sick pregnant woman so I went to part time teaching). Just to help you understand...I was throwing up the day I gave birth!

Anyways, I was in bad shape so my mom came and stayed with us to help make meals, grocery shop and care for the baby. She had started eating Paleo and was convinced that cutting out all grains would lead me to the road of recovery.  She was right! Cutting out gluten didn't cut it for me (hehe)! I needed a strict, clean diet to allow my body to fully heal and within a few months, even though I wasn't sleeping, I felt better than I had in years.

I was sold! I wanted to share with everyone.  I was the same way once I went gluten free because I was finally feeling better.  Only, this time around I felt well! Completely well! No stomach aches, no diarrhea, no dizziness, no headaches, nothing of what I was experiencing before. I was healthy! Woah!

It was such a cool feeling to pay attention to my body and say, "I feel well!"

So now, I eat mainly meats, veggies (no russet potatoes) and some fruit. I eat as much healthy fat as I want and I pay no attention to calories (now I know not everyone can do this, but most people I know who eat Paleo don't have to pay attention to calories). I also eat white rice and raw cheese and drink raw milk.

It's good stuff people.  My whole family eats this way and we feel WELL!

Have you tried Paleo?

Rachel aka Gfreegal

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