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Oct 2, 2011

Gluten Free at Claim Jumpers

Mmm...delicious! That's all I have to say about these gluten free chicken quesadilla's at Claim Jumper's restaurant.

Corn tortillas, chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans and yummy goodness!
My hubby also enjoyed his gluten-full garlic cheesebread, cornbread croutons on his salad, and a delectable trip tip!! Yum yum!!!

Do be forewarned, while I enjoyed the quesadilla, the gluten free selection here is very limited. Besides what I ordered, you can pretty much just get steak or salad.

There are no appetizers available and only one salad dressing, a citrus vinaigrette, which I liked but it did have a peculiar taste that some may not enjoy. It's sweet, kinda like biting into a mandarin orange, but then it has a strong vinegar aftertaste that's quite strong.

So if you're a steak and potato kind of person, this is your place. Or if you just came off a flight from Texas and are hungry, it's great too!! :-)

Another note, our wait staff wasn't too knowledgable with what is or isn't gluten free, (other than slapping a gluten free menu in your lap), but they were willing to find out for us.


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