Gluten Free Mac and Cheese-Is It Edible?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mac and Cheese...a standard and easy comfort food for many, but does that comfort trasfer with the gluten free version? 

Trader Joe's has their own brand of Gluten Free Rice Mac and Cheese.  The box looks so happy with a smiley face made out of cheese macaroni.  I had high hopes.  Now, while I knew better than to expect the cheesy creamyness of Kraft, I couldn't help but hope for it.  A quick easy meal that satisfies some inner desire from childhood, who wouldn't want that?

As I continued cooking, my hopes remained high.  The process was simple, comparative to the original.  Boil water, add pasta, drain, add cheese sauce and milk.  DONE!  Would it be a success?

It looked good.  It mixed well together.  But was that enough?  Sadly, the overall conclusion would be no.  The pasta was al dente, and tasted fine, but the cheese sauce just didn't add that necessary element.  There is a certain nostalgia that comes along with Mac and Cheese and you can't miss it.  This final dish tasted cheesy, but not the right cheesy.  This was different, and a bit funky.  There was no smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth texture.  I just couldn't close my eyes and imagine being a 7 year old girl again.

However, it was decent enough that I didn't have to make another meal, so that was a plus!  And now begins my search for a delectable Mac and Cheese.  I do believe I will venture into the homemade world for this one!

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