Gluten Free Date Night Ends At The Hospital

Monday, October 10, 2011

Date night, aka I love my spouse and we don't feel like cooking night, is a wonderful and regular occurrence in our house. 

My husband and I love spending time together (yes, we're kinda "that" couple!) and we enjoy taking a break from cooking. It's so nice to get out and relax, while knowing someone else is doing the cooking, and most importantly the cleaning!! Ahh!!

However, this great escape can easily turn into a real headache for Celiac's (and their significant other) when trying to figure out where to go. In fact, this can be even more difficult for the non-Celiac who is trying to plan an evening for their gluten free spouse.

I (Crosby) feel that the most important thing is having fun. So often going out can feel like a chore, but finding out what the restaurant carries beforehand makes everything so easy.

So we went to Moo Creamery, and surprisingly enough, wasn't too busy for a Friday night!

It was yummy, as always!

Rachel loves their turkey tostada things and I always grab a burger.

But this date night was something different; we ended up in the hospital.

While Rachel and I were walking around Target getting a gift for someone, she started complaining of pains in her stomach. (Ya know, typical celiac after eating anything not from home feeling.)

So we didn't think much of it until we got home. Rachel started complaining of stomach cramps, headaches, backaches, hot flashes, swelling feet, smelling tomatoes, seeing unicorns... hahahah ya know the works.

So she goes to the bathroom and she says she found some blood in her urine, and like a good husband, I rush onto WebMD to find out she has cancer.

Then I do a better search of more educated and informative sites to discover we probably should go to the hospital.

At this point it's 10:30 p.m. and we get to the emergency room.

Rachel had to do some urine samples and was not too happy about being in the emergency room so late.

So we had to sit and wait to be called in. I never understood why we have to sit and wait at an Emergency Room... it just kind of confuses me a bit, but oh well.

So at this point Rachel and I are staring at people in the waiting room trying to figure out why they're there.

There was a kid who had ripped off the bottom of his foot. His dad's feet were covered in blood and his mom was having a nervous panic attack. His dad was trying to cheer him up with phrases like, "don't worry son, if they have to cut your leg off, maybe they can attach a machine gun to it..." or, "Scars are cool... maybe they'll only have to amputate a little bit..." his mom didn't think it was funny. We never found out the reason why, but we think he was there because he was being stupid! hahaha :)

There were two guys that got wheeled in that looked like they had been in a bar fight. They were with a woman who had a puke stain down her shirt. (Milk chugging contest?)

Everyone else was pregnant... Seriously, at least 8 women there were pregnant.

So by this point it's midnight and we finally get called in.

We're walked around the emergency room and sat on a gurney outside the Trauma room.

The whole room was about 40°F and I think I was able to see my breath.

So someone comes by and checks on us and gives Rachel a blanket.

We hear screaming coming out of one of the rooms and two police officers come walking in.

The two dudes that we thought got in a bar fight, apparently one of them had been shot in the hand and the cops were coming to talk with them.

Maybe a "drunken gun fight show to express their love for their one true milk chugging maiden?"

So it's about 1 a.m. and the doctor comes by and checks on Rachel. He says that all the tests came back fine and that it was probably a kidney stone that she was passing. My wife is a trooper!

So he said he doesn't really want to do a CT scan because it's about the equivalent of 300 X-rays and just prescribed some pain medicine for Rachel.

So now it's 2 a.m. and we finally get to go home.

Rachel and I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on sleep and watching movies!

So date night, turned in to a long date weekend :).

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