Frito-Lay Will Have CLEAR Gluten Free Labels

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Check out the newest gluten free buzz surrounding Frito-Lay!  It looks like they're in the process of testing their products to see which are worthy of their new "gluten free" label.

**Label in lower right corner!!
From NY Daily News article
Our lovely friends at Red Apple Lipstick shared the following information on their blog.

With all the talk about national food brands offering gluten-free options and the controversy whether or not they are truly gluten-free (see Domino’s), it’s refreshing to see a company make a real effort to show their products are safe for everyone to eat.

Frito-Lay has announced that they are going [to] certify that their potato chips test in a lab gluten-free before they are labeled as such. They are not changing the way they manufacture and prepare their chips; they really don’t have to. The main ingredients of Frito-Lay are potatoes, which are naturally gluten-free anyway.

Frito-Lay could put gluten-free on their packaging, but instead they decided to take the extra step and developed a gluten-free validation process for testing their ingredients before they go into the food and they test the finished product.

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*So, are you excited for this new development?
*What other products would you like to see clearly labeled?
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