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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If you live in, or anywhere near, Bakersfield, CA, you have to check out these great ice cream places (if you don' least scroll down to check out the delectable pics).  This town has really stepped it up with their gfree selections this last year or two, but OH man...their ice cream is where it's at! Bakersfield has gluten free ice cream that will make your mouth water!

Here's our top choices:

  1. Moo Creamery
  2. Dewars
  3. Yogurtland
Moo Creamery's GLUTEN FREE Mint Chocolate Chip

First up, Moo Creamery.  If you have not eaten here, you are missing out.  It might as well be called Gluten Free Moo Creamery because there are SO many awesome options for meals and desserts here.  They are a local franchise and their stuff is to die for!  We come here very often.  Just ask our friends, they always laugh at how many of the employees know us! :) But for today, I'll just be highlighting their awesome ice cream. 

The yummy goodness you see above is their mint chocolate chip ice cream.  They use fresh mint in this treat and it rocks!  Crosby and I often finish off our dinner with their ice cream (thus the two spoons!).  *One SUPER important note: We always tell them I'm allergic to gluten and ask them to reclean the scoop with soap and water.  We also ask them to scoop from a new place in the ice cream tub (sometimes they even pull out a fresh tub for us!).  I've gotten sick here once...when I wasn't diligent about asking the above questions.  It's so important people to ASK for what you need and as always, be super polite about it!!

Dewars GLUTEN FREE Red & White Shake and
Peppermint Ice Cream with Marshmallow Topping

Second is another local gem, Dewars. They've been around for decades and their stuff rocks as well!  We went in a few months ago, very hopeful, but not knowing if there were any gluten free options.  Turns out, the manager knew exactly what I could order!  Crosby chose the red and white shake which has tons of strawberry & vanilla goodness, while I got their delicious peppermint ice cream.  Needless to say, these were not "his and hers," but quickly became communal!  I still can't decide which one I liked more.  If you have not been to Dewars, you should go!

Yogurtland Yumminess
Lastly is a national favorite, Yogurtland.  We go here quite often, just ask my hubby! :)  Almost every Saturday for the last month I've asked if he wanted to go!  Luckily (especially for my waistline), we haven't gone THAT often.  However, it's next to a beautiful park, complete with a lake, benches, walking paths, etc. We love getting our yogurt then going to the lake and sitting on the grass to eat our yogurt. 

Now, the goodness above is: strawberry, vanilla, dutch chocolate and red velvet cake.  The toppings: strawberries, butterfinger, almonds, chocolate chips and m&ms.  What I just love about this place is you can choose what you want and how much of it you want.  Obviously I went for it on this one, but I've gone before and spent less than $2!

Added bonus to Yogurtland:
The nutrional facts (including GLUTEN FREE!) are clearly labeled next to the yogurt!  Now, as far as toppings, I choose what is NOT near any gluten or has cookie crumbles spilled in it.  I've even asked for fresh toppings from the back if there's something I want that either has been contaminated or is in front of a contaminant (ie cookie dough balls).  The employees are always super accomodating.  Just remember, be nice and polite and it usually helps! :)

Have you been to any of these establishments?  Also, what's your favorite place to get ice cream/frozen yogurt?  I'm kinda addicted to this cold treat and I'd love to try a new place.

*As always, PLEASE make sure you specify that you are gluten free and ask to speak to a manager so that you can insure your food is safe! 

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  1. Yay for gluten free ice cream! Now I know where to go if I find myself back in Bakersfield :D

  2. Right!!! It's always a good day for ice cream...especially this time of year!! And yes, you must try one of these next time you're coming through town and come say hi! :)


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