Celiac Awareness Month Kicks Off For 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It's Celiac Awareness Month, which means it's time to beef up our understanding of Celiac Disease.

Woot woot...aren't you excited?!?!  Hehe...can't you tell I'm starting to feel better? :)

My goal this month is to publish more than just the normal 2-3 posts a week. I mean, come on, it's OUR month!  Why not celebrate?!?!

We're happy...we're celebrating!  Are you?!?! :)

For today, I wanted to highlight some hidden sources of gluten.  I found this great list from Everyday Health that explains some places where gluten may be that you may not have thought about.  No, I don't mean hidden like under your bed, I mean places like cosmetics, healthcare products and weird things that you'd just never thought about.

Two things to really take note of on the above list are medications and vitamin supplements.  PLEASE make sure you read what they have to say about these two (as well as the rest of this list) to insure that you are not, as I like to say, "secretly poinsoning" yourself. 

As always, I'd love for you to share comments about hidden sources of gluten you've found.  The more we educate each other, the better off we all are. 

For me, it was garlic salt.  I used it for at least the first 6 months of going gluten free and could never figure out while I often felt kinda sick.  So lame!  But hey, I always make sure to mention it to others (I have not checked this product since that experience 3 years ago...but I've just decided to use more pure ingredients, meaning garlic+salt=garlic salt). :)

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