Call to Action to Remove Amber Rating

Monday, May 14, 2012

Here's the latest buzz in gluten free news.

As you've likely heard, Domino's Pizza announced their new gluten free crust last week (read more here).

Well, it looks like GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) is responding in a big way. Cynthia Kupper, the Executive Director of GIG, wrote the following open letter and has a call to action for anyone interested in signing their petition. Please take some time to read this letter and choose for yourself if you'd like to sign the petition asking NFCA to remove their "amber" rating.

Open Letter to Alice Bast, Exec Director, NFCA May 12, 2012
NFCA needs to remove the Amber designation from the Dominos "gluten-free" pizza. It is not safe for anyone requiring a GF diet for medical reasons. NFCA's reputation as a respected organization is suffering by giving a useless Amber designation to Domino's GF pizza. I implore you to consider the community we all support and want to help. Make the GREAT Kitchen's Amber designation disappear for good.
There is inherent liability in the GREAT Kitchens Amber designation that will have serious ramifications to the food industry and those of us who are working to make a difference for all persons living gluten free.
1. Dividing the gluten free community is wrong. All persons living a gluten-free life style should have the same safe options in foods. Nearly the entire world accepts a definition for what gluten-free means. Stricter is better, but less than the standard is unacceptable. It goes against everything science tells us.
2. The GREAT Kitchens Amber sign is a useless designation for restaurants that causes confusion and consequently mistrust of the restaurant industry and the organizations who are working so hard to help them. The Amber designation sets us back years on all the strides we have made to get the food industry to embrace safe gluten-free foods.
-Read the rest of the letter.

Safe eating everyone!

And please share, what do you think about this petition? Are you signing??

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