Nourished, A Food Blogger Conference

Friday, May 04, 2012

This first Food Free Friday post of  National Celiac Awareness Month is dedicated to knowledge.  Food blogger knowledge to be precise. 

Friends from Nourished-Melanie, me, Lauren-Lucille, & Jasmine

Last month, I had the privilege of attending Nourished, a Food Blogger Conference.  I can sum it up in one word, wow.  It was just so wonderful to get to meet so many passionate people, each with a different "niche" in this gluten-free (or allergen free) food blogging world.  The conference was advertized as, "the only food blogger conference tailored to the needs of those on special diets, writing about special diets, and niche bloggers."  Once I came across the site for this conference I knew I just HAD to attend. 

What I learned:
  1. Have confidence in myself when cooking & creating recipes!  ~From Karen Morgan at Blackbird Bakery Recipe development isn't necessarily "my thing," but I do tweak and create things from time to time.  If this is "your thing" though, take this to heart.  Try new things.  Know your limitations.  Most of all...purchase a recipe journal to chart your successes and failures. 
  2. I am my brand!  ~From Mary Fran Wiley at Franny Cakes  
    • Stop and think about who I am (who you are) and what my focus is.  This was great advice because in every area of life I can easily think I need to do everything.  BUT...I don't and I can't.  From this I realized that I want this blog to be something that makes YOUR life easier.  My husband, Crosby, and I lead a very busy life.  We have a lot going on and we love every part about it.  But, that means we need things that are quick, easy, and healthy.  So, our job (our brand) is to bring you just that.  We love you (our readers) and we know how difficult and overwhelming this gluten free journey is.  Hopefully we are/will make this journey easierAnd as we continue on this journey, that's my goal.  *One thing I have to note, I am a teacher so I apologize if I come across that way.  :) 
  3. Be respectful, classy & real!  ~From Lauren-Lucille Vasser at The Celiac Diva & Anne Roland Lee at Schar USA 
    • This is just good advice for life, but it was a cool reminder in thinking about what brands/companies we choose to work with.  Love it!
  4. Take risks & follow my gut!  ~From Silvana Nardone at Silvana's Kitchen & Cybele Pascal at The Allergy Friendly Cook 
    • This is also good life advice, but I think in the world of blogging, we can get wimpy.  I'm still new to this blogging world (not yet a year), but it seems that it'd be easy to get complacent which is just the opposite of what I want.  I'm excited to take risks and see how far we can take this thing!  I hope you'll continue with us for this journey! :)
I learned SO much from all the great presenters, but I just wanted to give you a little taste of this wonderful conference.  If you are a food blogger, I would highly recommend that you attend next year.  It should be just as fabulous! 

Now, I want to leave you with a taste of the AMAZING food we enjoyed at lunch.  I cannot tell you how stinkin' awesome and fun it was to walk into a banquet room full of food and be able to eat EVERYTHING! 

Had to put a giant pic of the cupcakes!!!  Soup & sandwiches on top!  MMM!!!

Thanks again Nourished!

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  1. Check out this recap from Melanie (my new friend!) at The Grecian Garden...

  2. looks awesome, I love the way you describe this! Congrats r the log I love it! Bless

  3. Great recap, Rachel! It brought back so many good memories. Thanks for sharing the link to my post. Happy summer! :)

  4. Thank you, thank you!! The kind words mean so much!!!


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