Tasty Gluten Free Breads

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going gluten free doesn't have to mean going without your favorite grilled cheese sandwich or French toast breakfast. You CAN have bread and it CAN taste good!

Gluten free just means a little tweak in your staple bread entrees.

However, depending on which bread you choose, you could find yourself thinking you'll never have a tasty sandwich again. Trust me, we've tried some pretty nasty gluten free breads over the past few years. But, we've also found some yummy options and have compiled a list for you of the top three brands (and no, none of these companies are endorsing this post; we just want you to eat what tastes good).

Top gluten free bread companies:

1. Canyon Bakehouse

Canyon Bakehouse has some of the most moist and squishy gluten free bread out there. We particularly like their cinnamon raisin and 7-grain breads. Perfect for a sandwich!

2. Rudi's Gluten Free

Rudi's is also quite moist for a gluten free bread. Their multigrain and cinnamon raisin breads are great for making toast in the morning. We also really like their plain tortillas

3. Udi's Gluten Free

Udi's bread holds a special place in my heart, just because it was the first gluten free bread I tried that tasted good and when toasted I didn't feel like it was going to break my jaw as I attempted to bite it. I also appreciated that it wasn't crazy crumbly like other breads (none of these three breads mentioned are!). Again, we like their whole grain, as well as their hamburger and hot dog buns. We also REALLY like their blueberry muffins. They're a great thing to pack (with Justin's peanut butter packets) for out of town trips!

Another great thing about Udi's is that Trader Joes is now carrying it!!! I think it's about $1 cheaper there than the health food store I usually buy it at! Score!

Now, granted, you can buy mixes and make your own gluten free bread, but honestly, we don't have time for that. When we're making something with bread (which we don't do every day) it's usually something quick like a sandwich or toast. Having these breads handy makes those quick meals that much tastier! Trust us, we've tried the funky stuff...it's gross! ;-)

One SUPER important note...we keep ALL our gluten free bread in the freezer so that it keeps longer and better. We just take off a slice or two and defrost in for 30 sec in the microwave or toast it in the toaster oven (just make sure you don't burn it!).

Happy bread eating!

Did we miss an amazing gluten free bread on this list? If so, please tell us and we'll see if we can check it out.

Rachel aka Gfreegal

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  1. Have you tried Schär products? Their white bread is a little on the small side, but I make grilled cheese from it and it tastes awesome.

    They have rolls that I like, but I really miss light and fluffy breads... so I use their parbaked ciabatta rolls and don't bake them haha.


  2. The only gluten free breads I really like are the especially yummy, fresh stuff I find at gluten free bakeries. Mmmm.

    Most of the everyday gluten free bread (which usually tends to be frozen) doesn't really do it for me.

  3. I have tried some Schar products. We love their wafer cookies, but I haven't tried much of their bread. As for specialty shops, we don't have any local that offer fresh Gfree bread, so we make due with the frozen stuff. We find the brands above to be pretty good. :)

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