Dodgers Stadium Gluten Free?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nothing like a baseball game on a warm summer day! This past Saturday we enjoyed a lovely game at Dodgers Stadium (well, Sunday's game would have been more lovely, since the Dodgers won!). We had perfect seats, reserved section behind home plate, and we were ready to enjoy some baseball.

For me, I was even more excited to enjoy a gluten free Dodger dog! I had heard that there was a complete gluten free cart complete with nachos, hot dogs, the works! I was so stoked to check this cart out!!

Much to my dismay, the cart was not what I was expecting. Turns out, there's a little store called the "marketplace" where you can purchase gluten free goodies.

Here's what I found.

While I think it's super awesome that they have a section with gluten free snacks, I was really disappointed to find that they weren't what you'd typically eat at a baseball game. No nachos, no hot dogs...

My suggestion would be to buy these snacks beforehand, at a much cheaper price, and bring them in with you. :)

One very cool thing though is that they serve gluten free beer here. So for those who like Redbridge, you can still have your peanuts and beer at a baseball game.

For the rest, make sure you eat ahead of time and bring your own snacks.

Luckily for me, we ate In-N-Out on the way and I brought water and a Larabar!

However, towards the end of August (I believe it's the 25th) Dodgers Stadium will be hosting a Celiac Awareness Night, which will mean more gluten free goodies!! At least for one night...

Rachel aka Gfreegal

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