Gluten Free - BJ's Restaurant - Never Fails!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ok, I guess first I should put a little disclaimer.  BJ's Restaurant, never fails on taste, BUT they do often fail with getting the order right.  I say this not to complain, but to warn people with allergies to be very careful. Always double check your order and your food when you get it.  Make sure your gluten free options are indeed gluten free.  You never know when there's going to be an onion ring on your gf pizza (true story).

Now to the pizookie.  All I gotta say is, tried it, loved it...going back next week!

Thanks to our wonderful friends Robert and Vita (who are expecting their first baby soon, yay!) for suggesting we dine at the wonderful BJ's restaurant with them.

I can't believe I even suggested CPK (not that I have anything against them, but HELLO, I just wrote a blog about BJ's new gluten free pizookie).  I would have been a fool...glad they set me straight! :-)

So, like I started off with, tried it and loved it!  This pizookie was amazing!  They have their new 2 for $20 deal, so Crosby and I ate like royalty for half the price of what it normally costs us.

We got our own salads, his with extra everything, literally! I love how he orders salads, makes me giggle.  But oh, he's got some insight with that extra cheese! :-)

Then we split a delicious pepperoni, bacon, and pineapple pizza.  Again, Crosby was the pepperoni and pineapple guy, I always got ham.  Man, his choice is way better, so now I follow suit.

So we had our wonderful pizza and then....DA DA DA...wait for it...ohhh....DESSERT!!!!!

A warm, gooey pizookie that I could enjoy!  Imagine people, the taste!?!?!  So soft and chocolatey with a heap of cold, vanilla ice cream on top!  I was already full before this sucker arrived, but I didn't care.  I made room! :-)  SOOOOOOO worth it!!!

Did I mention we're going back next week!?!? Beyond excited!

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