Gluten Free Pizookie!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery has unveiled a gluten free pizookie!

I'm sure this dessert will guarantee a sugar rush, but I'm also sure it will be well worth it.  My husband and I already eat at BJ's far too often (almost once a month), but this will likely give us even more reason to go there for a nice date!

I love when we find somewhere to eat out that's tasty, but it's even better whenever I can order dessert.  It's not that I'll even want dessert every time, it's just so incredibly nice to have the option.

I was reading on that BJ's is running a special August 7-September 30 that is a "party for two" deal.  It consists of two salads, one gluten free pizza, and one gluten free pizookie for $19.99!  That price definitely encourages us to go try it.

Mmm...just looking at the above image makes my mouth water!

PS-Gluten Free Ville just tested this yummy goodness out!

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