Gluten Free Baked Potato With Chicken Alfredo

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

So Rachel calls me around 12 p.m. and asks what sounded good for dinner so she could go to the store and get some stuff... (oh the joys of being a teacher and getting to spend your summer days leisurely prancing around town doing random things.)

Anywho, so we decided to chow down on some baked potatoes with chicken and Alfredo sauce.

Now we've gone to restaurants and have had this meal before, but for some reason we like making it ourselves. We get to choose the quantity of each item, rather than just being given a huge slab of everything and having horrible tummy aches from all the fattening goodness that we consumed. (We like to make our own Alfredo sauce... but for this one we cheated and just went to the store and bought some).

We opted for Classico's Alfredo Sauce and it's Gluten Free!!!

We also added some diced corn, green onions and tomatoes to the menu to add some "vegetables" hahaha... at least that's what I call them because I'll actually eat 'em...

So this is one of the easiest meals to make.

I like to oil up my taters with olive oil and sea salt, gives the skin a nice flavor (for those of you who like to eat the skin of the potato).

Roll up the potatoes and cobs of corn in foil and chuck it on the grill... (cobs of corn, corn on the cob... whatever!!!).

Give the potatoes about 45 min to an hour (you can check it with a fork to your desired tenderness).

I let the corn go for about 20 min, turning the corn every 5 minutes or so until you're happy!

The chicken took about 20 minutes to cook because We wanted it a bit crispy.

Throw those onions on last or you will end up with a big black stringy looking thing.

We shaved the kernels from the cob of the corn and then Rachel made a mixture of what I will call Heaven in a bowl!

Basically she throws in tomatoes, corn, onions, olive oil, pepper and some balsamic vinaigrette into a bowl and voilà! Your side dish is done.

Now heat up that Alfredo sauce, chop up that chicken and put it all together and you are set!

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