Get Free Wendy’s Frostys For The Rest Of 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

If you don't know, Wendy's frostys are gluten free! And while searching around the internet today, I came across a gizmodo article talking about getting FREE WENDY'S FROSTYS for the rest of 2012.

The best thing at Wendy's is the Frosty. Now you can get them for free for the rest of 2012, all while supporting a good cause (I think it's a good cause, at least). But who cares: free Frosty!
To get in on the free Frosty Jr. deal (Yeah it's for the Frosty Jr. Do you really need the extra calories?) you need to purchase a Frosty Key Tag for $1 at participating Wendy's restaurants. Money from the purchase of the Key Tags goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Help kids. Enjoy a refreshing treat. Huzzah!

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