Gluten Free All-Recipes iPad App

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ok so I'm on my new iPad 2 and loving it!

My wonderful hubby bought me this as a Christmas gift knowing I wanted to get one so that I would have more opportunities to share the gluten free knowledge and recipes I have with the world. He's such a sweet and good man! Man am I a lucky girl!

And now I've got the world at my fingertips and let me tell you, it's a million times easier than writing up blog posts on my iPhone! ;)

But, back to All Recipes. I don't think I ever thought to search "gluten free" on their website. Silly me!

After downloading their app (quick side note...I'm currently only downloading free apps, but as I find "good" apps, free or otherwise, I'll make sure and let all of you know,) I was looking through it and decided to try searching for gluten free options! Gold mine! Oh my goodness...I am so excited!! They have so many wonderful options to choose from!

Here's the link from their website...

I'm still figuring out my iPad so I'll see if that link works! :)

But...happy recipe searching. And remember, it's a new year, be willing to try something new!

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  1. what could you make if you have eggs bread cyrup cinamin flour


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