Kettle Cuisine Has Arrived

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Rachel gets to try some flavors of kettle cuisine.

If you don't know about them yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick update on these soups and showcase Rachel's excitement of getting to sample these amazing products!

Look for at least six, that's right six upcoming posts related to these soups. I'll give you a hint at one of them... It's something you can eat at the beach...

Can anyone guess?!? If you guess correctly, we'll send you something. I don't know what, but something fun!

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  1. Which one to try first?!?! Decisions....decisions!

  2. I don't like your hint. You can eat anything at the beach as long at you don't mind a little sand in your food! :) But since you're writing about Kettle Cuisine soups I'll guess Clam Chowder! Am I right?

  3. Ohh...good guess my friend!!! We'll come up with something good to send you! :-) love you!!

  4. haha... just send your love! :)


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