Food Free Friday #2

Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday, such a glorious day, particularly now as I am off work for the weekend! :)

So today, as we enter into fall (praying we have indeed had our last 100 degree day!) I will address a very serious topic.  Lotion.

We all know the necessity of lotion to survive in life.  Without it, you leave the world to see, and sadly have to sometimes touch, your scaly, cracking selves.  This, my friends, is a travesty.  It's a terrible, if not inhumane, way to travel through life.  ;)

Now, let me share some wisdom on this topic of lotion.

A good lotion needs to moisturize enough to not warrant a second application, yet without leaving your body with a grimy, greasy feel.  It's a delicate balance and I believe I have found the perfect option with Desert Essence's Organics lotion.

This product line has some great lotions and body washes AND it's all 100% vegan, wheat & gluten free!

As a sensitive soul (you know, the people who have issues beyond the food realm), I really enjoy their fragrance free hand and body lotion.  This stuff is so great because while it is fragrance free, it has a light and pleasant scent rather than something funky and odd.  Come on, anyone who's tried a fragrance free product knows what I'm talking about! :)  Another plus with this product is that it doesn't sting your legs when applied right after shaving!  Yay!!

One word of advice, while this line does have great lotion, I'd steer clear of their shampoos and conditioners (body washes are decent too!) unless you have fine/thin hair.  Myself, I have as my hairdresser likes to say, "enough hair for three people," on my head.  I've tried the hair products and I have to double, if not triple the amount that I normally use just to wash "all" my hair!  But, I do have massive amounts of hair, so their hair products may work just fine for you.

Don't take my word for it...test Desert Essence out for yourself!

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