Food Free Friday

Friday, September 02, 2011

Welcome to our new weekly post, Food Free Friday!  Every Friday we'll be featuring something non-food that is gluten free (and hopefully fabulous)!

Today, we're talking lip products.  Did you know that many cosmetics contain gluten?  It's a sad and annoying fact that us Celiacs have to deal with every day.  Now, many of you may be thinking that whether or not your cosmetics are gluten free doesn't matter, but in fact it does. It's not so much the absorption into our skin (although some will argue that it is) as the likelihood that we may ingest some of what we put on our bodies.  Just imagine for a moment about your normal morning routine and you'll probably be able to come up with quite a few ways that you could accidentally ingest your beauty products.

My suggestion is that you start to pay attention to the products you choose, starting with your lips.  Anything that goes on your lips is guaranteed to get into your mouth at least a little bit, there's just no way around it.  If Celiac experts recommend that your non-Celiac significant other brush their teeth before kissing you (they do say this is a risk for cross contamination), then you can just imagine how important gluten free lip products are. 

One lip product that I've grown to love is Softlips chapstick.  They're just so smooth and tasty!  That may sound silly, but it's true.  They have a chapstick that's vanilla flavored and it's just plain delicious!  Plus, with spf 15 you can't beat it.  Protection and a great flavor, yay!  Softlips also has tinted chapsticks, which makes getting ready in a flash quite simple.  Another yay!  So far I've only tried the "pearl" color, which is very nice and light.

Now, we need your help.  What are your favorite gluten free lip products?  Share with us and we'll post them on here!  We'll even test products out and share our results, if you like.

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