Gluten Free Bendy Straws! - Food Free Friday... Err Saturday!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alright so it's my turn to write a post regarding those things that are not food, but still considered gluten free.

I have chosen bendy straws, well Rachel did, but I get to write about it.

Now these things are amazing. I'm not just saying that because Bendy straws create something that is so surreal that one would have to travel to the moon to partake of the wonderfulness that is the, "Bendy."

I'm saying that, if I could go back in time and create these magnificent things, I would change its name to the Crozbend. I mean seriously, how awesome would that be. "Yo, you checked out the new Crozbends, these things are off the chain... for real..."

Anywho... I've got nothing really exciting to share regarding the bendy straws, but the fact that they make drinking anything that much cooler, you should get some. Plus they're Gluten Free!

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  1. I am a fan of straws. However, Seamus calls them "sissy sticks". :)


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