Dinner At A Non-Celiac's House

Friday, July 08, 2011

Dinner with family and friends...such a wonderful thing that we don't do nearly enough. It's hard with how busy everyone can be, but it's such a blessing when we can make it happen.

The particular dinner featured here was at my father-in-laws house.

He and his wife are "normal" and didn't know much of anything about Celiac until they met me. This is quite typical of people as I've heard things like, "I'll get you a vegetarian meal!" Makes me giggle, but it's not that people are purposefully being insensitive, they're just unaware. Then again, I was eating gluten free for a few months when I was first diagnosed not knowing I was "poisoning" myself with garlic salt every time I cooked!! Side note, garlic powder and salt, separately, are fine but when bought as a combo (sorry I don't remember the brand) contain gluten.

My advice for all those unaware is WORK WITH THEM! As with a restaurant it pays to be apologetic and it pays to talk ahead of time. Talk with your friends and family. Discuss what their cooking plans are and work together to find a meal that fits.

This was the case with my wonderful in-laws. We were over for a fourth of July feast, complete with a bunch of fireworks we brought too!! Man, it was fun to light fireworks! I even lit some myself!!! A first for me and a brave move (thanks hubby!)!!! So, back to the food. My hubby's dad has a new Traeger grill, which we were excited to learn came with spices that are gluten free.
The menu:
  • New York steaks (seasoned with worchester sauce, salt, and pepper)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Grilled veggies-red & green bell pepper, yellow squash & zucchini (seasoned with tregger's veggie shake)

  • Dessert-we bought an amazing, but super sweet (small slices people!), chocolate torte from Costco and covered it with strawberries and whipped cream.

The overall experience was delicious! It was wonderful to have a completely gluten free meal that everyone could eat and enjoy!

We even had junior mint homemade ice cream from their neighbor for a second dessert!!! So so good!

Anyone want to give us an ice cream maker?!?! :-)

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