CPK Has Arrived!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CPK, aka California Pizza Kitchen, is fabulous! Ok, maybe not fabulous, but definitely quite good.

I haven't even attempted to eat at CPK for a few years just assuming I would suffer profusely as I watched other patrons stuff their faces with the delectable Thai pizza while I "enjoyed" water with a side of lettuce, plain of course! Sadly, I still have to watch others delight their taste buds with the Thai pizza (it is, of course, one of two pizzas that are not gluten free!), BUT I can now indulge in something better than ice! :-)

While at this PLC conference (teacher stuff) in Hollywood, I have learned and enjoyed a few gluten free options at CPK. The first night here I had the BBQ Chicken Salad, complete with dressing and everything! It was so nice to enjoy eating out and getting a new flavor.

It's easy to get sick of a cheeseburger with no bun! Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy my In-N-Out on a regular basis, I just appreciate new flavors every once in awhile. Yesterday my colleagues ate at a place that seemed very limited on gluten free options and knowledge. Rather than put my health to chance I ran back down to CPK and grabbed a pizza to go.

My choice this time was the garlic chicken pizza. It was so delicious, or I was just so hungry after a breakfast of hard boiled eggs and fruit, that I ate the entire pizza! My husband will be so proud!! :-)

All in all, two tasty and filling meals in two days! Yay for me and my belly!!

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