My Gluten Free Apple

Saturday, July 02, 2011

So I know that all apples are gluten free, but I just wanted to contribute to my wife's, okay, rather, our blog.

I never really understood or knew what gluten was until meeting and eventually marrying Rachel. I always thought it was just a way to really bug people at restaurants and act all "princess-e" because you were on some freaky "diet."

I've been sick the past few days and eating was not something I wanted or could do. So the wife dragged me down to Lassens, a natural food and vitamin store, (at least that's what the website says) to get some gluten free hotdog and hamburger buns for our 4th of July BBQ we're having at my dad's house.

Nothing really sounded appetizing, but for some reason an apple did. I found a bag of Fuji apples that were organic and freakin' expensive.

Now the taste made the price doable; these things ARE AMAZING!!! So maybe I can get into this whole gluten free thing... and I do stress the word, maybe.

Oh wait, while at the store, we ran into some sisters buying gluten free donuts. Those poor things; both of them had Celiac. But they said they were going to splurge on the two boxes they bought. Hahaha, ahh too funny.

Anywho, a box of gluten free donuts costs around $6.50 for six little donuts. I mean, seriously, almost $7 for a box of six donuts.

You can get a dozen of yummy gluten filled donuts for like $5 at any NORMAL store.

Alright, my schpeel is over, but the wife loves these gluten free things, well cause that's all she can eat.

If you're looking for a good box of really expensive, but worth its weight in gold breakfast items, look no further than these donuts. The company kinnikinnick makes them.

I think Rachel let me try a piece one time. She told me that's all I could have because they were so good and as she says, "I can eat them."

At least the name makes me giggle.

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  1. mmmmm... apples! They are the perfect food. You can eat it as is, make apple sauce, apple pie, apple bread, apple cake, apple and yam soup... The list can go on and on. YUM!

  2. WAit, apple and yam soup?!? That sounds horrible, but Rachel wants the recipe... Please give it to her when i'm not around, like off on a trip somewhere... :)



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